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14 Tooth x 15mm wide Motor Pulley HTD - Connects into the TRAMPA Electric Skateboard motors #37

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TRAMPA's 14 Tooth Motor Pulley Wheel connects directly to the Motor Axle & is secured into position using a Magnetic Fixing Key & Locking Grub Screw.

This custom made Motor Pulley Wheel uses the German Made STRONGBELT which is 15mm wide and should never stretch or break on you whilst still providing the smoothest of power deliveries to the user even from a standing start....

Changing your Motor Pulley &/or Drive pulley wheels will drastically change the performance of your ride... :-)

Connects to any 8mm Motor Axle Shaft
Locks with Magnetic Rotar Sensor & Grub Screw
5M - High Power Motor Pulley Wheels
Accepts upto 17mm belt
HTD - High Torque Drive
Available in 13 14 & 15mm Tooth options
Changing your gearing seriously changes the performance of your board!
In combination with Keyway and M4 Grub screw to lock and guide on axle shaft
Grub screw dipped in Locktite
Weight: 17g
Quantity required:
RRP £14 - per Pulley Wheel

RRP Includes 20% VAT

Non-EU customers purchase tax-free

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