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15° HOLYPRO - Junior Pro Mountainboard


TRAMPA's 15º HOLYPRO Mountain Board range uses Skate Trucks to mount the wheels & steer. The 15º HOLYPRO deck is Mega light-weight & comes with HUGE PERFORMANCE. It is designed as the ultimate deck option for Advancing Level Junior Mountainboard riders up to the weight limit of around 60kg.

TITANIUM Skate Trucks use a 3/8ths of an inch (9.525mm) TITANIUM Axles & a TITANIUM Kingpin keeping weight as low as possible. A Skate Truck is made up of 3 main parts, the Baseplate, the Hanger & these are held together by the use of a vertically mounted TITANIUM Kingpin. The Vertically mounted Kingpin pushes through the Baseplate, connecting into the Hanger below. Using Rubber Kingpin Bushings to separate the metal parts, prevents wear on these metal parts whilst allowing movement between them at the same time. This rubberised movement in turn creates the steering... Having only a single point to pivot around, means Skate Trucks are very easy to be able to steer whilst the weight of a Skate style deck is kept to an absolute minimum, therefore benefiting the newest & smallest of riders tremendously.

Changing the hardness of the rubber in between the metal parts changes the steering resistance & characteristics of the Skate Truck. As you improve you may wish to tighten this nut to increase the steering resistance, BUT do not over-tighten this nut as it may cause your rubber to split. If you need more resistance from your already tight rubbers, then firstly consider changing the rubber to a Harder Urethane or by simply replacing the existing rubbers to new, as ultimately rubber does perish and it does loose some of its performance over time...

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