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35° LONG - Large Adult Mountain Boards


TRAMPA's 35º LONG Mountainboard Deck range is designed as the perfect ride option for Adult Mountainboard riders of all sizes seeking more performance than what is offered from a basic wooden deck setups. In order to gain the full benefits of using the Spring Trucks, Spring Trucks need to be mounted to a deck that has a 35º tip, hence the name of this TRAMPA Deck is the 35º Long!

The 35º Long TRAMPA deck has huge performance advantages when compared to a regular 'Off the shelf' wooden alternative. The performance difference is instantly recognised by all that try. Even though it uses slightly heavier Spring Trucks to steer, TRAMPA's 35º Long deck is 'light-weight' & maneuverable in comparison to our competitions equivalent. Spring Trucks feel & are far more robust compared to basic Skate Trucks, they give the rider an extra sense of security & being 1 inch wider than skate trucks offer a lot more stability when riding at speed. The Spring Trucks also offer a lot more steering adjustment to the rider & so by turning the Spring Adjuster clockwise into the truck you can pre-load the tension in the springs relative to your body dimension & riding ability.

A SPRING Truck is made up of 3 main parts, the Baseplate, the Hanger & these are tightly held together using a Horizontally mounted Kingpin. The Kingpin pushes through the Baseplate & Hanger connecting everything together snugly. The Kingpin is cushioned in the connection by the use of 4 x perfectly formed Plastic Kingpin Bushings. These Kingpin Bushings swallow any tolerance issues & protect all the moving metal parts (the Hanger, Baseplate & Kingpin) from grinding against each other during the time they are in use. Once the assembly is secured by tightening the M6 nut onto the Kingpin, the Truck system will smoothly tilt side to side, this is the steering!

Springs loaded with DAMPA's & Spring Retainers are forced between the connected Baseplate & the Hanger in the Truck. Adding the springs into the system brings equal resistance either side of the steering movement, so as the truck is tilted/steered one side or the other, the rebound of the springs returns the Steering back to the center position. A countersunk bolt is passed through the Hanger & tightened into the threaded Spring Retainer, locking the Spring Retainer into position from the underside of the truck, where-as the Spring Adjuster screws through the threaded Baseplate & locates into the Spring retainer from the top.

TRAMPA's Spring Adjuster is a very special part! Produced using A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel it will never rust on you whilst it has been made with extra precision, without threads, so it can snugly pass through the threads in the equally very special re-enforced Flanged Spring Retainer & be able to turn without interference. The thread less nipple of the Spring Adjuster locates into the Spring Retainer, holding the spring in position from above. Using a 4mm Allen key to turn, the angled sides of the Spring Adjuster allow the Spring Adjuster to be able to turn whilst applying force into the Retainer from above. The re-enforced flanged Spring Retainer has enough strength within it to handle increased pressure being forced through the spring adjuster. The force from the now pre-compressed spring gives enough resistance for the Spring Adjuster to stay located in its threaded position. The more the Spring Adjuster is tightened into the Spring means the more the steering resistance is increased. This facility gives the rider the adjustable steering were always going on about, allowing the rider to be able to easily & quickly change the pre-compression & adjust their steering characteristics as they like or as as the ride conditions change accordingly...

Generally speaking the bigger or better the rider is the stiffer they require the pre-compression in their springs to be... Over pre-compressing your springs is not a good thing. The more you compress the springs means the less range of steering you have. So the Springs should not be over compressed but tweaked and if you need more pre-compression the Springs can be further supported by adding TRAMPA DAMPA's. TRAMPA DAMPA's fit between the Spring Retainers inside the springs & when fitted further increase the resistance of the steering considerably. DAMPA's are colour coded relative to their harness & produced using different shore resistance (hardness) urethane compounds to represent the different strengths therefore TRAMPA offers a wide selection of extra hardness DAMPA's to suit all sizes & capability of rider.

Stiffening your steering eliminates the chances of potential 'speed wobble' that is commonly experienced when riding a loose setup at high speed. How much resistance to add (which DAMPA to choose) depends on your Body Weight & also on your riding capability... The Heavier / the better you are at riding will usually dictate the stiffer you wish to have the DAMPA resistance... Green DAMPA's are our most sold and therefore we say suit most sizes of rider.

TRAMPA's Spring Trucks are available to purchase with a Kingpin up-grade to Stainless Steel or TITANIUM, whilst the Spring Trucks are most commonly supplied with 12mm (7/16ths of an inch) Axles. The 12mm Axles can be supplied as either SOLID Axle (INFINITY) or HOLLOW Axle (VERTIGO) or depending on which model you take & if you really wish to go all out, take the ULTIMATE trucks as these have the 9.525mm TITANIUM Axles & TITANIUM Kingpin fitted as standard which will save you the most amount of weight...

Its your choice when it comes to which wheel you should select on your board as both the TRAMPA 6 spoke HYPA wheels & the 5 spoke SUPERSTAR Wheels will fit to any of the Spring Trucks in the TRAMPA range...

VELCRO Style bindings are often the chosen option for beginner Mountainboard riders as the Velcro strap profile encourages your foot to have easy in & out access... But for more advancing riders the Ratchet style Binding is most commonly selected as the binding for Mountainboarding because the Ratchet facility clamps the strap tightly over the top of your foot, giving the tightest of connections that our bindings can offer. Ratchet style Bindings are most frequently used in conjunction with a supporting Heel strap. When riding for prolonged periods over rough terrain, regardless of how tight you have ratcheted down your bindings onto your foot, its possible that your foot can vibrate itself out of position. Using Heel Straps prevents your foot slipping out of position, leaving you to focus on the ride ahead!!

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