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35° LONG - Large Adult Mountain Boards


TRAMPA's 35º Short Mountain Board Deck range is designed as the perfect Ride option for smaller sized Adult riders & Advancing Level TEENAGE Mountainboard riders.

The 35º Short TRAMPA deck has huge performance advantages when compared to the regular 'Off the shelf wooden alternatives' which are supplied by our competition. TRAMPA's 35º Short deck is 'light-weight' in comparison to our competitions equivalent, even though it uses Spring Trucks. Compared to Skate Trucks, Spring Trucks are far more robust & they give the rider a lot more stability when riding at speed. In order to gain a full steering range from the Spring Trucks, the Spring Trucks need to be mounted to a deck that has a 35º tip (or fixing point), hence this TRAMPA decks name is the 35º Short!

A SPRING Truck is made up of 3 main parts, the Baseplate, the Hanger & these are tightly held together using a HORIZONTALLY mounted Kingpin. The Kingpin pushes through the Baseplate & Hanger connecting everything together snugly. The Kingpin is cushioned by the use of 4 x perfectly sized "Small Plastic Kingpin Bushings". These Bushings protect the metal parts (the Hanger & Baseplate) from rubbing against each other during the movement when the parts when they are in use. Once the assembly is tightened together by the M6 nut onto the Kingpin, the Baseplate will smoothly tilt side to side & this is the steering!

Springs (maybe loaded with DAMPA's) are forced between the connected Baseplate & the Hanger to give resistance into the steering movement. Adding resistance into the steering movement eliminates potential 'speed wobble' that is commonly experienced when riding skate style trucks at high speed. How much resistance to add (which DAMPA to choose) depends on your Body Weight & also on your riding capability... The Heavier / the better you are at riding will usually dictate the stiffer you wish to have the DAMPA resistance...

TRAMPA's Spring Trucks mostly use 12mm (7/16ths of an inch) Axles. The 12mm Axles can be supplied as either SOLID Axle (INFINITY) or HOLLOW Axle (VERTIGO) depending on which model you take! 





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