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66 Tooth Slave Wheel - Fits 15mm Belts to SUPERSTAR, HYPA & PRIMO Wheels on URBAN CARVER

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TRAMPA's 66 TOOTH MOUNTAINBOARD SLAVE WHEEL is precision milled from super-light-weight & mega strong Heat Treated T6 Aluminum. Its teeth stand 5MM tall & when the 15mm wide Belt is wrapped around the pulleys, they bite into the belt ensuring all the power is pushed through the wheels, giving the "Smoothest of Pull-off's" & instant power whenever it is required whilst eliminating the possibility of motor slip under low speed acceleration.... TRAMPA's 15mm Strongbelts wrapped around the teeth of TRAMPA's Pulleys gives the most powerful of connections to hit the streets of E-boarding. Our Pulley system is so strong it is said to have HIGH TORQUE DRIVE (HTD) 

We think we have thought of everything & we were very lucky to be able to make it so that this Slave Pulley is able to connect to all of the wheels in the TRAMPA range! With the use of some very special THREADED HEXAGON SPACERs the 66 Tooth Slave Wheel connects directly to the 7 & 8 Inch SUPERSTAR Wheel, the 7 & 8 Inch HYPA Wheel & very uniquely into the 3 spoke PRIMO 9 Inch Wheel as well....!

TRAMPA's special 66 tooth Mountainboard Slave Wheel connects to all the Motor Pulley (13, 14 & 15 Tooth Motor Pulleys) in the TRAMPA range. Changing your Motor Pulley Wheel will drastically alter the performance & characteristics of your ride... 13 Tooth is best for Hill Climbing whilst 15 Tooth is best for high speed!

STRONGBELT is a German made heavy industry brand that usually manufacturers for likes of Train & Tram companies. They weave Kevlar into their Strongbelts & therefore have the best reputation in the Power Transmission Rubber Belt Industry for NO snapping & NO stretching. This extra quality ensures maximum responsiveness with a super smooth power delivery to the rider at all times when riding with an electric motor. TRAMPA has opted to use a 15mm wide STRONGBELT, this is nearly double the width of most the other E-Sk8's power-systems that are out there. Using a an extra wide non Stretchy power-belt provides a very smooth whilst precise power delivery & engine breaking (KERS) like no other to the user, even from a standing start or breaking down a steep hill the Strongbelt does an amazing job!.....

66 Tooth Slave Wheels fits to all of TRAMPA's 7, 8 & 9 Inch wheels
Premium Aluminium thats been precision CNC Machined with 5mm deep teeth - 5M
5M Means this Slave wheel prevents slip maxing out power
Accepts upto 17mm Strongbelts
In combination with Hypa hubs you ll need 6x17mm Hex spacers with M4 internal thread
In combination with superstar hubs you ll need 5x15mm Hex spacers with M4 internal thread
Weight: 123g
Quantity required:
RRP £40 - per Pulley Wheel

RRP Includes 20% VAT

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