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Asymmetric TRAMPA HOLYPRO Longboard Drilled & Sanded smooth with fitted Jessops Grip tape & Bolt Kit

3 Foot of 9 Inch Wide Jessop Grip Tape for Longboards

Mega Grippy & really easy to apply. Ensure the decks surface is clean & dry before application. Easy to custom shape, simply draw your shape on the back & cut out with Scissors or sharp knife. Remember to use a ruler for clean edges. Watch your fingers when slicing, please ask an adult to make this work if you are under 16 & please remember, when you draw on the back of the grip tape remember its a mirror image so do everything in switch! Use a template for best results... :-)

400mm Carve Board Hand made TRAMPA Vinyl Sticker - SILVER

Everybody loves stickers, especially TRAMPA VINYL stickers! TRAMPA vinyl's are pain-stakingly Hand Made at the TRAMPA HQ using the absolute finest Vinyl material available! So long as the area it is to be stuck to is clean the Vinyl we use is guaranteed to stick well & not fade for well over 5 years and most likely much longer! These SILVER Vinyl Stickers are sized to fit underneath the TRAMPA deck, the dimensions are 370mm long x 70mm high.

There are loads of colours to choose from & the price starts at just £2.50 each - so custom pimping your deck, car, van, boat, bedroom window or any other surface you can think of that would benefit with a TRAMPA logo slapped on it is really easy & cheap and easy to do...

Help TRAMPA the world with the Pimp-est vinyl stickers EVER! To Apply the Stickers - Ensure the surface you re applying too is clean & grease free before applying the sticker. Peel the thick side away from the Masking tape so the sticker appears in reverse (negative) and simply lay the masking tape onto the surface in question. Using your fingers or a soft cloth, rub the masking tape, forcing any air out of the vinyl & allowing the vinyl to stick well. Then gently peel away the masking tape to reveal the Vinly.

Recommended decks

Rider's weight Suggested deck Deck Weight Flex
38 - 57 kg
(6 - 9 stone)
10 ply 1g flexi
51 - 70 kg
(8 - 11 stone)
12 ply 2g firm
In this Purchase you get the following items...
Asymmetric HOLYPRO Longboard Deck 10ply - FLEXI
Precision drilled Truck mounting holes.
Edged with a rough cut file & hand sanded until silky smooth...
3 foot x 9 Inch wide of fitted Jessop Grip Tape
400mm Carve Board Hand made TRAMPA Vinyl Sticker - SILVER
M5 x 20 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Countersunk Bolt Kit
Tip to Tip Deck Length - 855mm
Widest point Deck width - 235mm
Axle to Axle Wheel Base - 681mm
Internal Degree of camber - 1.5°

Quantity required:
RRP £145 - per deck

RRP Includes 20% VAT

Non-EU customers purchase tax-free

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