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INFINITY Trucks = SOLID Hanger & Baseplate with 12mm SOLID Axles & Nikle plated Kingpin
VERTIGO Trucks = CNC Light Hanger & Baseplate with 12mm HOLLOW Axles & Stainless Steel Kingpin
ULTIMATE Trucks = CNC Light Hanger & Baseplate with TITANIUM Axles & TITANIUM Kingpin

TRUCKS are an integral part of your ride. They are fitted tight with bolts to the angled tip of the DECK. The Truck supports the WHEELS in the correct position & when everything is fixed together, through movement gained from the mounting angle, the natural roll of the inflated wheels & some weight adjustment from yourself, the Trucks & wheels combine to create the steering. 

All Trucks are made of 2 parts - the BASEPLATE & the HANGER. The Hanger houses the axles. The Hanger & Baseplate are connected by the use of a KINGPIN. The kingpin is supported by PLASTIC BUSHINGS. The plastic Bushings prevent metal wear from the moving parts. Quite differently to skate trucks the Kingpin on spring trucks pushes through the Baseplate & Hanger Horizontally. The steering resistance is then gained by the supporting SPRINGS which are Squeezed into the gap, providing resistance in the movement between the Baseplate & the Hanger. 

To give more resistance to the steering, the SPRINGS are additionally supported with Rubber DAMPA's. The DAMPA's are inserted into the springs and help in the perfect position, by use of the Spring Retainer (The Spring retainer is perfectly shaped to hold the Dampa in the spring) before the springs are squeezed into the Truck. The DAMPA's are of a clever design (giving huge thanks to Mr Mark Daniels), using 3 balls stacking on top of each other providing progressive & controllable movement making riding at high speeds a real pleasure as you become at one with the terrain. The DAMPA's are available in a range of different SHORE resistance (SHORE is the measure for rubber hardness) to suit all sizes & capabilities of rider from the smallest to the largest from novice to expert!

The Spring Trucks can be further adjusted on the fly by turning the Spring Adjuster & adjusting the pre-loaded tension in the Spring & Dampa. Turning the spring adjuster clockwise increases the resistance in the Spring & Dampa consequently tightening the steering for the rider. Turning the adjuster Anti-Clockwise releases the pressure on the Spring & Dampa making your steering easier. Loose steering will result in speed wobble at high speeds where as tight steering will making turning at low speeds not so easy. You can custom adjust each Spring in your trucks in-tune with your exact ride requirements! :-)

Channel Trucks now come in 2 sizes, for STREET or DIRT and in a variety of different finishes, from Solid painted Metal to Anodised two-tone CNC'd metals, with Solid, Hollow or TITANIUM Axles, whether it be a Steel, Stainless steel or Titanium Kingpins, the options are endless.... TRAMPA Trucks are by far the most accurately built & best steering system of its type there is & the combination of choices are all yours to enjoy.... :-)

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