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Book a Test Ride

Book a test ride on an Electric TRAMPA Board riding directly from the TRAMPA HQ! (Based in Nottingham). 

We have a fleet of amazing Electric & Non Electric boards all waiting to be test ridden.... Directly in our back yard we have access to some fabulous & extensive cycle paths & nature trails which feature different ride surfaces whils't the experience is all completely away from traffic. All of the different routes are all fabulously suitable for all of the different types of Electric TRAMPA boards that we supply... So please come to Nottingham, make some new similar minded crazy friends at the HQ & experience the full range & capabilities of TRAMPA's Electric Boards.

A Sweet looking, well serviced, high performance, fully charged TRAMPA board will be waiting ready for your test ride. Your breath will be stolen with the performance we pack, you will want one!! We can provide Pads, Helmets & Ass pads for you to use, although we always recommend bringing your own if you have them.

The cost of the test ride is £25 per hour per person, the tour includes a Pro Team rider to guide you down the best tracks. The good news is the test ride fees are fully refunded (within 1 week of the test) should you decide to make a purchase on your return to the HQ.

We have been making friends & receiving many visitors from all over the world making the pilgrimage to the TRAMPA HQ to meet & ride with the crew, to see how its all done by hand here in Nottingham.. Riding with the TRAMPA Pro riders down the river, visiting some of Nottingham's Finest Ales houses, taking in the beautiful English countryside alongside the river banks & enjoying the local fragrances are an experience never to forget... Classic!

Sadly the TRAMPA Palace (Teds house) is not so big, in the past many visitors to the TRAMPA HQ have been lucky enough to stay with Ted but with more than one visitor staying at once his little house is full. (he needs a bigger house!) But as a treat to all visitors he always takes them to the local Holiday Inn Hotel located just round the corner from the TRAMPA HQ for the full English Breakfast experience.. They do it very very well & offer over 70 different breakfast offerings including Starbucks coffee included & its all inclusive for a set price which means you can eat as much as you can pack away!! amazing! Well Ted has been approached by the Holiday Inn Sales team looking to grow their business in conjunction with other local business & as a consequence they are now offering potential TRAMPA HQ visitors favorable rates to attract you to Nottingham t o see our wears.... So if you would like the full Nottingham experience & get a little bit of discount on a nights stay in a City Centre hotel, then you can now bring your Mrs & let here go & tour the beautiful little City, whilst we go out & play!!

So through TRAMPA its now possible to make a special booking at the Nottingham branch of the HOLIDAY INN Hotel. To gain the best hotel rates the Sales Lady advised me its best to visit over a weekend. If you get in touch with Ted he can provide you with the special TRAMPA Password. If you would like to book a test ride on one of the electric decks please call the TRAMPA HQ to discuss the product you are interested to test & to arrange a date & time to ride it. +44 (0) 7734 905 883

We have enough boards to run 10 people in 1 booking & group bookings get a discount if you just want to go for a test ride.... :-)

If you book a test ride there is NO Pressure on you to make a purchase on the return, although we know you will want too!!! :-)

please Email though the contact page if you do not wish to call.



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