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Book a Test Ride

Book a test ride on an Electric TRAMPA Board direct at the TRAMPA HQ! (Based in Nottingham).

We will be making an online booking form very soon, but in the mean time, if you would like to book a test ride on one of the electric decks please call the HQ to discuss the product you are interested to test & to arrange a date & time to ride.

We have a fleet of amazing boards waiting to be ridden.... Plus we have some fabulous woods & cycle paths & a nature park near by, all of which have extensive trails & tracks suitable for all of the different types of boards we supply ready for you to come & experience the full capabilities TRAMPA's electric boards...

A Sweet looking, well serviced, high performance, fully charged TRAMPA board will be waiting ready for your test ride. We can provide Pads, Helmets & Ass pads for you to use, although we always recommend bringing your own if you have them.

The cost of the test ride is £30 per hour which includes a Pro Team rider to guide you down the best tracks. The good news is the test ride fees are fully refunded (within 1 week of the test) should you decide to make a purchase on your return to the HQ.

We have enough boards to run 10 people in 1 booking & group bookings get a discount if you just want to go for a test ride.... :-)

If you book a test ride there is NO Pressure on you to make a purchase on the return, although we know you will want too!!! :-)



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