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Electric GUMMIES Carver E-GC BEAST


To describe what its like to ride TRAMPA's awesome range of ELECTRIC CARVE DECKS is almost beyond words.... The sensation is RADICALLY DIFFERENT, its the most BREATHTAKING BOARDING EXPERIENCE you have only ever dreamed off! The sensation is totally un-comparable to anything that's ever been created before, my closest description i can give is something like the power of a motor cross bike whilst being stood on a Snowboard!!' The entire TRAMPA STREET & URBAN CARVE product range instantly looks & performs completely different to everything.... Heads will turn in drooling envy as you circle around & fly by open mouthed on-lookers!

Purchasing TRAMPA's ELECTRIC CARVE Deck will quite simply transform your life! It is more than 3 boards in 1! Not only can it be fitted with either the 83 or 90mm TRAMPA Longboard wheels for unbelievable street riding, but it can also fit the TRAMPA HYPA & SUPERSTAR hubs with either the 6 or 7 inch Pneumatic tyre to make off road wheels or the new 125mm GUMMY Urethane thats on its way soon...

TRAMPA's Electric Carve Deck is now fitted as standard with the amazing V6 VESC which is connected using TRAMPA's stunningly good SILICON CABLES, with a Carbon Fiber 12s Beast Box that's capable of housing 2x 6s batteries (not Supplied) & up to 2 x VESC 6 to give Un-believable 12s TWIN MOTOR performance of up to 50kmph & a range of well over 20 Kilometers can easily be achieved. So far in our extensive tests & Nottingham is a very hilly place (claiming the 2nd steepest Street in England), we have not found a hill that these 12s single motor beasts cant get up, in fact its not a case of just getting up the hill, its a case of ripping back up the hill, being able to stay on the board when heading up hill under such power becomes a mind blowing 'Hill-arious' challenge !! :-)

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