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Electric mountainboard using Vertigo Trucks with Urban Motor Mounts on 9 Inch wheels - 920e EMTB



By altering the number of layers of material that we add into the mould, we are are able to tune the final performance of the TRAMPA decks relevant to the riders weight height & ability. Please use the FLEXOMETER above as a guide to help you choose the right ply board for you. TRAMPA's FLEXOMETER information is to be interpreted as a 'GUIDE ONLY' as there is no fixed rule as to which is the exact right deck for you. The weight, height & ability of the rider will all help determine which is the right sort of deck for you, but of course the most important factor is personal preference as to how the rider wants their deck to feel.... Some riders like it flexi, some like it firm, some like it very very stiff.... It depends on what you are doing on your board, i.e. freestyle, freeride, boarder-cross, altho there is guidance there is no right & no wrong just personal preference but when purchasing a deck from TRAMPA we want to make sure you get it exactly the way you want it! so if your stuck as to which one is the best for you them please drop as a line...


All HAIL All HAIL!! A revolution has taken place in the world of Boarding! Mountainboards equipped with Batteries & powerful Motors have been seen 'ripping up the hill!! So with no more time for delay, its time to take the covers off & for me to tell you about how very proud i am to introduce too you, the well over-waited & very much under hyped but totally incredible & absolutely fabulous new range of TRAMPA DRIVE TRAIN's - aka the 'TDT's that are on sale now!!! 

As you will expect from TRAMPA, we have raised the bar in terms of quality & performance across the entire industry as every electric product in our range uses only the very lightest & best performing materials available. The individual parts combine perfectly thought out the entire product range & TRAMPA's Electric Powered Boards have stunningly good performance :-) 

TRAMPA is famed for using only the very lightest, strongest, best performing genuine materials in all of the products it produces. We do this because we believe in truth & because we believe in giving the rider the maximum performance experience possible & with the intention that nothing will ever fail, especially when you maybe pushing the limits of whats capable. So it will come as no surprise for you to hear that everything in a TRAMPA Drive train has been made to the same high standards & criteria, having had all of its parts custom designed using the finest of ingredients, combining to make what we refer to as 'wonder products' :-) All these tiny details in the parts we use helps everything connect together perfectly, our motor mounts construct like a 'mechanic dream'. All of our different Drive Train assemblies are individual items of beauty with performance that more than matches the good looks! Although its been quite some time coming our intention from the very start was never to rush the project & to have time to test & re-consider all the little details we may have missed in the drawings with the intention of raising the bar on the entire scene & for sure we feel we have certainly gone a long way beyond achieving this target with all the new E-Products we have produced, by going bigger & better in every instance where we are compared.... This demand for high quality combined with well thought out & easy construction designs means we have gained stunningly good results for you to enjoy! :-)

TRAMPA's MOUNTAINBOARD DRIVE TRAIN (MBDT) is the first commercially available fully sealed off drive train system that has been specifically created to give the maximum ride experience in all aspects of E-Mountain boarding. With loads of useful features packed into our premium design TRAMPA has created something very special for the Mountainboarders - Carbon Fiber Motor Mounts & Motor Protection frame - 6061 T6 Aircraft grade alloy parts - Marine Grade Stainless Steel nuts, bolts washers & spacers - Heavy Industry & German made High Power 15mm wide Premium Strongbelts. - Flat Headed Ball ended M8 Grub Screws allows for Perfect drive alignment in assembly - Single screw Belt Tensioning System with built in Idle Pulley forcing belt & teeth to interlock perfectly with small motor pulley to gain maximum grip on teeth bringing immediate power to the wheels - VESC 6 ready - Gearing transmission range from  1:4,4 to 1:5,1 (Check out the Gearing data in the TAB above) - Motor shaft Axle support bearing in T6 6061 Alloy housing - Frame to fit a 'Motor Dust Cover' (eg. filter cloth or thin foam) - Simple wheel disassembly, (both pulleys stay in position after wheel disassembly) - Fits 7 & 8 inch SUPERSTAR & HYPA Wheels - customizable design for advanced DIY projects. - Inter-connectable with non TRAMPA motors (44mm mounting hole diameter). The MDT is best combined with our brand new 6364 TRAMPA premium motors, available with 118kv & 136kv @ The unique shapes of the TRAMPA 35° HOLYPRO deck & the 35° HS11 deck, allows any previous TRAMPA customer who owns one of these models, to be able to purchase the MDT kit & connect it directly to their existing TRAMPA Trucks without having to make any modifications what so ever! They can purchase & fit the MDT kit they need to convert their existing board as an after market purchase :-) 

Never tried a powered Board before? Well now is the time as the equipment available today is light enough whilst more then powerful enough to be highly impressive! Electric drives are a complete game changer for our board sports as they make ripping up a hill just as much fun as free wheeling downhill! Its unbelievable just how addictive these boards these boards can be, lab rats (i mean team riders) at the TRAMPA HQ have pretty given up their cars in favor of their E-Board as they easily beat traffic and the short cycle track replaces many regular commutes & local run arounds...

Its your preference as to whether you take the Single motor setup or if you dare take the insane TWIN motor setup! To be honest, 30kmph (Which is not the speed limit) is like really really fast on one of our boards and most riders out there will easily be able to achieve this type of speed & still have ample amounts of power using just 1 of the TRAMPA motors.... The only real benefit of having TWIN Motors is when you are in serious off road situations or if you imagine you will be making lots of steep climbs when the surface is not so sure like when riding a dirt track through the woods....

We advise the power to be controlled by the latest version of VESC. (we have something very special to announce soon but it hasn't happened yet, so a VESC is not currently available on the TRAMPA site but alternative VESC's can be found on the web which work fine with our TDT kits for the now) The power output is tunable to suit your preference or ride ahead. Be it short sharp max power acceleration for racing with cycles or easy steady acceleration for a long distance range. Using the gearing options available (!3,14 & 1t Tooth options) 30° slopes can easily be ridden at speed whilst TRAMPA's Electric Mountain boards can be set to accelerate so hard the wheels spin like a rally car when riding in dirt, on hard packed surfaces they can wheelie all the way to full speed just like a GP bike of the lights!

When enough funding comes our way we intend to make an App for the Mobile phone which will allow the rider to connect to the board wirelessly & be able to tune the board on the fly (currently its a plug into a pc or laptop job so not so convenient but still possible). This App technology is already available but what with all the recent investment we have undertaken were a few Dollars away from doing this right now - We are looking for investors if somebody is thinking 'Well I have some money to invest to help make that'. 

To describe what it feels like to ride the twin-engine Electric mountain board over rough terrain is kind of beyond words, i say this because in order for snowboarding or surfing to be at its best we really rely on the weather & were all chasing that perfect moment, & when it does come it doesn't last long & often some punk may have beaten you to it to make the first line down which inevitably spoils your ride, whereas riding the E-Board is like being on endless wave or the perfect slope of fresh snow that just goes on forever or at least until your feet are burning so bad & you need a break from all the carves! The feeling of being able to continuously link small & massive carve turns for as far & as wide as the route will take you is just sensational. As a life long extreme athlete exposed to most of the board & wheeled sports that have been out there from Quad skates, bmx & Skateboard as a kid to snowboard Longboard & MotorX as an adult, i can honestly tell you that it feels like the power from MotorX bike placed on a Snowboard but riding permanently in the most amazing Super tube in the sunniest best condition! just amazing! :-)

35° Long TRAMPA Mountianboard - Drlled, Edged, fitted Grip tape & Bolt kit

TRAMPA's 35° Long Mountain Board Deck, is the perfect deck for all Adult sized riders of all abilities. The 35° Long Deck can be used for all principles of Mountain Boarding from Big-Air Freestyle to gentle slope free-riding. The 35° mounting angle means the deck is designed to work specifically with Spring Trucks. Spring trucks are much stronger & far more adjustable than Skate Trucks, resulting in stability gains & a much more controlled riding experience to the user. The 35° Long's straight sides & simple radius shaped tip, makes it perfect for customisation as this deck is often purchased as a Blank deck to replace broken or non responsive wooden decks (usually found on other brands boards), & the 35° Long will also fit Scrub channel & MBS Matrix Trucks if you are in need of a performance up-grade!

The 35° Long is available in 3 different flex rates, 15ply is the most flexible, 17ply is the stiffest. Please use the FLEXOMETER in the TAB ABOVE for guidance as to which is the most suitable ply deck for you or mail this link if you need some extra guidance. The 35° Long can be supplied as a Blank deck, Drilled, Edged & Sanded, Gripped or with TRAMPA Treads & with/without a complete deck Stainless Steel Bolt Kit!

All of TRAMPA's deck's are customised to suit the riders weight, ability & personal preference giving huge performance advantages to the rider! TRAMPA decks are considered the "Poppiest" decks on the market, their performance is un-matched! You will "Pop" higher & have a more cushioned landing, whilst feeling more in control over rough terrain, such as when on the Border X Track or ripping through the trees! Due to the amazing composite make-up of all the TRAMPA Decks, all of the Decks are sold as totally UN-BREAKABLE & we offer you A LIFETIME GUARANTEE on your TRAMPA Deck! Our incredible composite material is so strong whilst still flexible, the material will not split, delaminate or break on you in any way, regardless of the environment you use it in. TRAMPA Decks are Amazing!!

Vertigo Truck - 12mm Hollow Axles with Powder coated Blue CNC Baseplate & Steel kingpin TRAMPA Spring Trucks

The TRAMPA VERTIGO TRUCK is a slimmed down light weight version of the standard Infinity Truck! Using FORGED Alloy for the body of the HANGER it is CNC precision machined, cutting out the bulk of the material, saving loads of weight, but without altering much of its critical strength. To save more weight, the VERTIGO hanger is fitted with 12mm HOLLOW axles. To retain strength the Hollow axles are made from premium quality, HEAT TREATED (HARDENED) STEEL & are glued into position. The Hanger is attached to an EXTRUDED and then T6 HEAT TREATED & Powder Coated Aluminum BASEPLATE which is then CNC machined to cut out the bulk of the material, saving even more weight & leaving a Pimp two tone quality appearance!

The Hanger & Baseplate "Kingpin Holes" are also CNC'd, allowing the Truck to assemble like a dream. NYLON BUSHINGS are inserted into the Kingpin Hole's allowing a tight connection to eliminate wear between the moving parts. A Heat Treated 8mm STEEL KINGPIN (which seriously reduces weight over the competitions products), is used to connect the 2 parts together & allow the steering to happen... Everything fixes together perfectly enabling the VERTIGO TRUCKS to provide problem free precision riding!

SPRINGS, loaded with TRAMPA DAMPA's, are squeezed by hand into the fixing positions between the Hanger & Baseplate. When locked into position they give resistance to the steering. The steering resistance can be pre-set to your weight, riding ability & personal preference, by changing the TRAMPA DAMPA to a stiffer or softer hardness. TRAMPA DAMPA's come in 5 different hardness's to suit all riding styles. The Springs can be adjusted on the fly! Using a 4mm Allen Key you can further TUNE your steering by turning the SPRING ADJUSTER clockwise to give TIGHTER STEERING (fast riding) or turning anti-clockwise to give LOOSE STEERING (Carvie riding). You can quickly adjust your board relevant to the conditions or terrain ahead... As your riding will improve over time you will demand more pre-tension from your steering, so don't over tighten your springs, instead change your DAMPA's to something a little harder.

Held together using Marine Grade stainless steelVERTIGO TRUCKS are the perfect option for all applications for adult sized intermediate riders. Save money & even more weight by upgrading the Kingpin to TITANIUM!

9 inch Wheel - Black 3 Spoke Primo Hub & Blue 9 Inch Primo Striker Tyre

We use PRIMO's 3 Spoke Composite Hubs when we wish to use 9 inch Tyres as these are the only hubs available to us that will fit the 9 Inch tyres correctly. The Primo hubs shape & size is totally different to the TRAMPA hub designs & so when compared to the super-slim design of the HYPA or SUPERSTAR hub, (which we use to fit 7 & 8 Inch tyres only), so the PRIMO hub does weigh in a little on the heavy side, BUT its solid structure makes it close to near indestructible, whilst its classic 3 spoke timeless design always looks good, & it has an awesome reputation for never failing on you...  It is currently the only option that TRAMPA offers should you wish to use 9 inch Wheels on your TRAMPA Trucks

The 3 Spoke PRIMO HUBS are assembled using just 3 heavy duty M6 x 30mm Marine grade Stainless Steel Socket capped Bolts & locked into position with the expected Stainless Steel Nylock Nuts. Although slightly tighter to fit into than other hubs, TRAMPA's regular 28 x 12mm Bearings will fit perfectly into the Bearing housing of the PRIMO hub. As a top tip when fitting the bearings into the hub, place the bearings in the freezer for 30 minutes before inserting them into the hub as the cold will cause the metal of the bearing to shrink and perhaps at the same time place the hub somewhere warm or in the sunlight to warm it up and expand the plastic a little, making it much easier to push the bearing into the hub! Perhaps use the axle of the truck to help guide the bearings into the hub... To fit the PRIMO 3 spoke hubs onto the TRAMPA Spring Trucks you will need a special Axle Spacer to allow the hub to position onto the axle correctly allowing you to have enough space to be able to tighten up the Axle Nut correctly.

The 9 INCH STRIKER TYRES Have an intelligent, high speed tread pattern that can be used on all all surfaces from Dirt to Tarmac. Measuring 9 Inch's in inflated diameter, no only are they larger in diameter (which will give you a faster overall roll speed) but they are also larger in width giving the rider a slightly increased "Surface Contact Area" making them the ideal when option when rolling more on looser/soft surfaces. The 9 Inch Wheels are often the larger sized Kiteboard riders #1 option as there is less inertia & they find they are able to keep rolling more easily at lower wind speeds...

Ratchet Bindings - Blue strap on Black Foam with Black L Brackets & Ratchets

TRAMPA's RATCHET BINDINGS are the number 1 choice of Bindings for Mountain Boarding. The Ratchet Buckle mechanism allows the rider to lever the bindings very tight, much tighter than what is normally achievable compared to other styles, e.g. Velcro Bindings, treating the rider to a locked in & fully connected to the board sensation. TRAMPA Bindings wrap snugly over the top of your foot but firm footwear is advisable.... The EVA Foam Padding is 'Ribbed' & 'TRAMPA Embossed' on the underside of the Footstrap. These fine details helps maintain the foot locked into the Bindings whilst riding over rough terrain.   

A Special Hook on the Base of the Ratchet Buckle locates into a special slot on the top of the Footstrap. This clever 3 point connection prevents any movement in the connection of the Straps allowing the rider the confidence in their equipment to concentrate purely on their riding. Although the Ladder strap will ultimately wear over time, it has been re-enforced on both sides at its base, guaranteeing performance when riding.

Stainless steel Dome Headed Bolts connect through the Footstrap into L-Brackets ensuring no discomfort to the foot. The L-Brackets are 'multi positional' allowing the rider the exact foot-stance they require. TRAMPA Bindings are supplied with a Marine grade A4 Stainless Steel deck fixing kit included. Ratchet style bindings are the serious Mountain Board rider’s primary choice binding! Ratchet Style bindings work at their absolute optimum when combined with TRAMPA Heel Straps

URBAN Carver Motormount with 6364 2400w Motor & 66 tooth Pulley Kit for Urban Carver - REGULAR

TWIN Motor riders = REGULAR or GOOFY

TRAMPA's 35° Long Mountain Board Deck, is the perfect deck for all Adult sized riders of all abilities. The 35° Long Deck can be used for all principles of Mountain Boarding from Big-Air Freestyle to gentle slope free-riding. The 35° mounting angle means the deck is designed to work specifically with Spring Trucks. Spring trucks are much READ MORE...

Complete Deck Weight

Deck Ply 15 ply 16 ply 17 ply
Blank Deck Weight 3,075g 3,275g 3,475g
Component Weight 6,736g 6,736g 6,736g
Complete Deck Weight 9.8 kg 10.0 kg 10.2 kg

Component Weights

URBAN Carver Truck Motormount Motor & Pulley Kit REGULAR1,148g
Blue Vertigo Truck - 12mm Hollow Axles CNC'd light & Steel Kingpin 1,709g
9" Primo Wheel - Black 3 spoke Primo Hub & Blue Striker Tyre3,200g
Ratchet Bindings - BLUE straps BLACK Foam BLACK L Brackets & Ratchets502g
TRAMPA ABEC 5 6001 2RS All Terrain Board BEARINGS BLUE x 8177g
Total component weight6,736g
Vertigo Truck - 12mm Hollow Axles with Powder coated Blue CNC Baseplate & Steel kingpin TRAMPA Spring Trucks
Ratchet Bindings - Blue strap on Black Foam with Black L Brackets & Ratchets
9 inch Wheel - Black 3 Spoke Primo Hub & Blue 9 Inch Primo Striker Tyre
35° Long TRAMPA Mountianboard - Drlled, Edged, fitted Grip tape & Bolt kit

Blank deck weight chart

Deck Ply 15 ply 16 ply 17 ply
Blank Deck Weight 3,075g 3,275g 3,475g
General Flex Rating firm stiff very stiff
Items included in this sale are described below & detailed in the PARTS tab above
Mountainboard 920 - BLUE
URBAN Carver Truck Motormount Motor & Pulley Kit REGULAR
66 / 15 teeth = ratio of 1 : 4.40 - Best combination for Top Speed!
66 / 14 teeth = ratio of 1 : 4.70 - Best combination for Speed & Hill Climbing
66 / 13 teeth = ratio of 1 : 5.10 - Best combination for Hill Climbing
The information above is to be used as a guide. Top Speeds achieved & the steepness of the hills the boards can ride up are relevant to the final gearing (the wheel size), the chosen Motor used, Battery size, Rider Weight & Weather conditions.
We do not currently have a battery Management system for you to purchase. We have a solution for this but no money to make it. So we are looking for some like minded investors if there are any wanna be dragons out there...

We are out of stock of VERTIGO Hangers. More are on the way but there will be delay of maybe 3 weeks.:

Advance purchase a VESC 6 with your TRAMPA E-Board & purchase at a discounted price. Delivery of VESC is slightly behind schedule but due in UK May 2017:

Quantity required:
RRP £750 - per deck

RRP Includes 20% VAT

Non-EU customers purchase tax-free

Approx price :
Approx. shipping price:

TRAMPA's E-MTB comes as a kit & needs to be assembled. Assembly of the Motor/Motormount by TRAMPA will cost an additional £25. You will also need to purchase additional items found on other websites to power your  Electric Mountainboard. The Minimum of components needed to complete a single drive board are detailed in the DESCRIPTION TAB Showing below the Main product image.

- 8-12S battery (LiPo pouches or Li-Ion round cell packs) with high continuous discharge current, preferably 10-12S for best performance, for example, made from 2x 4-6S quality LiPo packs, 5000mAh each (or more), 25C+ rated,  or 8-12S, 2-4P battery pack, spot welded from 18650 round cells, 20A+ continuous discharge per cell (eg. LG INR18650-HG2 3000mAh-20A).

- A sturdy box to drop your batteries in.

- A battery charger with built-in BMS (Battery Management System) capable of charging your battery pack configuration. Ideally capable of charging up to 12S batteries. If you split your pack into 6S blocks (or less) a cheap 6S RC LiPo charger will do the job but you will need to charge each Battery separately.

- 1x Electronic Speed Controller (ESC), capable of handling 8-12S, equipped with a proper electronic brake,
ideally a VESC 4.12 or VESC 6 (available end of 2016).

- A 2.4 GHz hand held radio controller for electric skateboards or RC cars, incl. the receiver.

- AWG 10 to AWG 12 silicone cables + XT90S (anti spark connectors) and a 40-50A Fuse for each drive train/battery.

- zip ties + shrink tube, hook and loop fasteners  etc.

Building electronic skateboards requires knowledge and skills. 

Further information to complete your personal DIY project can be found at ENDLESS SPHERE FORUM  E-SK8.DE  E-SK8 Builders

Links to some BATTERIES

Links to a CHARGER

Links to some VESC's - Vedder Electronic Speed Controller


Suitable cables & XT90s connectors can easily be found on well-known auction websites.


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