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Electric Mountainboards




TRAMPA's Electric Mountainboards are said to be 'A revolution on the Dirt Board Riding Scene' bringing as much thrill 'Ripping back up the hill' as racing down hill gravity assisted....! YES THATS RIGHT... RIPPING BACK UP THE HILL!!!

TRAMPA's Electric Mountain Boards have huge performance & whether you take Single or Twin motor, with the correct Battery & the right speed controller are incredibly impressive. TRAMPA Electric Mountain boards are not toys for kids but weapons for adrenaline junkies! 

TRAMPA's E-MTB comes as a kit & it will need to be assembled. Assembly of the Mountainboard Motor Mounts by TRAMPA (if its just for a kit purchased) will cost an additional £50 but is free of charge when purchased with a complete deck.

BUT You will also need to purchase some additional items which you can find on other website in order to power your Electric Mountainboard. The Minimum of components needed to complete a single drive board are detailed in the DESCRIPTION TAB Showing below the Main product image.

- To give the TRAMPA 118kv or 136kv Motors enough power in the dirt environment we recommend a minimum of 1 x 8s Battery per motor, (LiPo pouches or Li-Ion round cell packs) with High Continuous Discharge Current. Preferably 10-12s batteries should be used for best performance, for example made from 2x 6s quality LiPo packs, 5000mAh each (or more), 25C+ rated,  or 8-12S, 2-4P battery pack, spot welded from 18650 round cells, 20A+ continuous discharge per cell (eg. LG INR18650-HG2 3000mAh-20A).

- A sturdy box, which should be close to water tight to house your batteries in.

- A Battery Charger with built in BMS (Battery Management System) capable of charging your battery pack configuration. Ideally capable of charging up to 12s batteries. If you split your pack into 6s blocks (or less) a cheap 6s RC LiPo charger will do the job but you will need to charge each Battery separately.

- 1x Electronic Speed Controller (ESC), capable of handling 8-12s, equipped with a proper electronic brake, ideally a VESC 4.12 or VESC 6 (available from TRAMPA some time soon!).

- A 2.4 GHz hand held radio controller for electric skateboards or RC cars, incl. the reciever.

- AWG 10 to AWG 12 silicone cables + XT90s (anti spark connectors) & a 40-50A Fuse for each drive train/battery.

- Zip ties, Cable shrink Tube, hook & loop fasteners etc

Building electronic skateboards currently requires knowledge & skills. Messing around with the batteries & chargs when you do not know what you are doing is very dangerous. Lipo Batteries are dnagerous and when mishandled can explode. therefor his equipment should never be handled by children & DIY assemblies should not be attempted by people who arent sure of what they are doing... seek experienced help from guys in the know on the forums, many RC clubs use similar equipment, these guys have alot of experience in this field

General guidance, further information & an insight as to how others have completed their personal DIY projects can be found on the following forums :
E-SK8 Builders



VESC - Vedder Electronic Speed Controller!/VESC-made-in-Germany/p/56097898/category=15255004

Hobbyking Radio Controller

Ali EXPRESS Wireless Controller

Suitable cables & XT90s connectors can easily be found on well known auction websites.

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