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Electric Mountainboards




TRAMPA's Electric Mountain Boards are a revolution on the Dirt Board Riding Scene! They generate just as much adrenaline 'Ripping up the hill' as racing down hill gravity assisted & that doesnt include all the forest trails or river runs, or cycle paths that can now be carved through or blasted across...! YES THAT'S RIGHT... RIPPING UP THE HILL and BLASTING ACROSS THE FLAT ON A MOUNTAINBOARD! THE PERFORMANCE IS BREATHTAKING & THE EXPERIENCE IS INCOMPARABLE TO ANYTHING BEFORE!!! 

TRAMPA's Electric Mountain Boards have HUGE PERFORMANCE! Some say our boards have too much power so we are not promoting sales to children on ths one. But this too much power can easily be tamed through the VESC 6 speed controller into low power with long range by simply plugging in (we hope to do wireless soon) & using the VESC TOOL to adjust the power settings to something more suitable to a gentle rider.. The VESC TOOL will allow you to slip into beginner mode or lunatic mode accordingly... 

There are more assembly options for you to pick from than what you could shake a stick at! But whether you take Red, Blue, Gunmetal, Bronze Black or white a SINGLE or TWIN URBAN  or PRO Motormount Electric Drive, by adding a nice powerful Battery (8s Battery minimum 10s is good performance but Dual 6s  6s (2x 6s batteries) in a pre-made Silicone harness makes 12s - 12s is perfect power!!) & by fitting the new VESC 6 the performance of single or twin drive board is quite un-believable especially when compared to anything else currently on the market. TRAMPA Electric Mountain boards are serious bits of kit aimed at adult sized adrenaline junkies & are certainly not toys for kids, well not at this stage anyway! 

It all depends on where you live & what you intend to ride as to what board you should choose...... Just like bikes, if your on the right type of bike for the track your on then you have a good chance of winning the race & so if you intend to ride around on mostly flat ground, gentle on/off road trails, regular hills, riding on mostly good surface's such as hard packed tracks etc, (anywhere it is easy to pick up grip) then a single motor mountainboard has more than enough power to give you a fantastic sensation with heaps of power & acceleration, easily reaching speeds of well over 40kmph.....

Single motor Urban motor-mount boards are high performance at very good value as well as being much lighter to handle, specially in an every day situation, but if your serious & intend to mostly ride off road or wish be challenged by making it up very steep hills then the twin motor offers you more than double the amount of grip compared to the single motor board.... But the performance increase of the twin motor over the single motor in off road situations is substantial but purchasing the twin is obviously a much more substantial purchase as you will need 2x Motor Mounts & Motors as well as 2 sets of Batteries & of course 2x VESC 6 Speed Controllers, so owning a twin motor mountainboard is certainly very exhilarating & will perform much better off road and on steep hills but it can get quite expensive and so in our opinion ifnyou are not a pro rider it is not necessary for you to take twin motor but of course twin motor is highly desirable because the thrill of heading up steep off road hills on a dirt board board is like nothing else on earth, the deck & electric performance is seriously that good! The only comparison i can think off to describe what it's like riding a TRAMPA electric mountainboard would be like that of a cross between a snowboard & a high powered Enduro motorbike... AWESOME!!!!

TRAMPA's Electric products are currently NOT SOLD with batteries. You must resource & fit your own battery to exonerate some of the Legal responsibilities that TRAMPA BOARDS Ltd would face should TRAMPA BOARDS Ltd supply you with a battery that is powerful enough to cause major problems, should things ever go wrong! The batteries are firstly very difficult to post, special expensive licenses are needed to ship them & if the batteries are not cared for correctly they can explode or cause fire, plus of course they can power the board to over 50kmph when hooked up in the right sequence which is way faster than any insurance package TRAMPA BOARDS Ltd is assigned too....

If you have seriously steep hills that you wish to ride then you will have to consider your gearing & motor combination. 13 tooth motor pulley is best for regular steep climbs whilst 15tooth is best for top speed. We make 3 bearing supported high quality different kv Motors to suit all kinds of rider, 118kv (best for hill climbs), 136kv (all round performance) & 156kv (best top speed) for the insane amongst us! With the right battery (12s) the right gearing (15tooth motor pulley for high speed) & the super fast 156kv high quality motor, the combination will take you well beyond 50kmph no problem, (that's scary fast believe me) but this high speed combination is going to struggle up the steepest stuff, i mean don't get me wrong it will still race up steep hills with ease, but if you were to adjust the gearing to 13 Tooth Motor Pulley (highest torque gear) with & change the motor to the 118kv Motor (low Kv for Torque) with TWIN Motor then the capability of climbing steep hills with all that grunt of torque & 2 wheels of grip will allow you to really climb the steepest of hills you can find... SIMPLY AMAZING!!!

We realise there are many boards in the range & the options to choose from can be a little overwhelming, there is method in the madness as the boards are all groomed for price against performance whilst colour coded with associated names to match... (yeah i know its a little complicated!! lol) So before putting in your inquiry it is worth your while resourcing the difference between the Decks, the Trucks, the Wheels and Bindings, to familiarise yourself with the differences between the parts to help you understand what the differences are between the complete models. Of course we are here to help and give as much guidance as you need but most of the answers these days are found on the site and we are currently being overwhelmed with contact from interested parties its getting difficult to make all the decks & answer all the questions (haha) but we are tyring our best so please send in your inquiries to us :-)


- To give the premium quality motors the kind of performance they are capable of we recommend a minimum of 1 x 8s Battery per motor, (LiPo pouches or Li-Ion round cell packs) with a High Continuous Discharge Current. Preferably 10 or favourably 12s batteries should be used for best performance, for example made from 2x 6s quality LiPo packs, with a minimum of 5000mAh (take higher (I have seen 6200h if you can find them), upto 40C+ rated,  preferably with gold plated bullet connectors on as this means there is no soldering of cable or if you have some electrical skills make yourself a 8-12S, 2-4P battery pack, spot welded from 18650 round cells, 20A+ continuous discharge per cell (eg. LG INR18650-HG2 3000mAh-20A).

- You will need a Battery Charger with built in BMS (Battery Management System) capable of charging your battery pack configuration. Ideally capable of charging up to 2x 6s or 1x 12s batteries or more if available. Whilst we do not have our own BMS (Battery Management System) sorted just yet there are a lot of good high power chargers on the market for you to choose from. If you split your 12s pack into 2 6s blocks, a cheap 6s RC LiPo charger will charge a little bit on the slow side but will do the job quite fine So if you take twin motor and ride regular then purchase 2 cheap chargers to halve the charging time.

You will need some XT90s Anti Spark Connectors for soldering your batteries or gold plated bullet connectors if your just heat shrinking your connections & it's advisable to add a 40-50A Fuse for each battery to VESC in case anything goes wrong with your batteries.

- you will also need Zip ties, Cable shrink Tube, hook & loop fasteners, foam pads etc to cushion things & make a tidy job of the cables, prevent rattles & make things fit correctly.

Constructing TRAMPA's Electronic Mountainboards currently requires some electrical knowledge & skills. At a minimum you may need to solder your battery cables to the Xt90 connectors, but Messing around with the batteries & chargers, especially when you do not know what you are doing, is very dangerous. Lipo Batteries are dangerous. When mishandled or damaged they can explode. Therefor this equipment should never be handled by children & DIY assemblies should not be attempted by people who are not sure of what they are doing... Seek experienced help from guys in the know, take a look on the different forums for advice, many RC (remote control) clubs use similar equipment to ours, these guys have a lot of experience in this field & im very sure they would be very keen to see some new electric kit on the market, so reach out to someone close to you & see the forum links below for general guidance, further information & an insight as to how others have completed their personal DIY projects...

E-Boarding FORUMS - (Loads of useful information available)



High power Top Quality Silicon cables & XT90s connectors are available on the TRAMPA website

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