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Electric Street Carver E-SC


TRAMPA Street Carve Decks are Deckcellent! :-)

To describe what its like to ride TRAMPA's awesome range of ELECTRIC STREET CARVER DECKS is almost beyond description.... The sensation is RADICALLY DIFFERENT, its the most BREATHTAKING BOARDING EXPERIENCE you have only ever dreamed off & a totally un-comparable experience to anything that's ever been created before, the closest description i can give is 'It like the power of a motor cross bike but bein stood on a Snowboard!!' The entire TRAMPA STREET, GUMMIES & URBAN CARVE product range instantly looks & performs completely different to everything.... Heads will turn in drooling envy as you circle around & fly by open mouthed on-lookers!

The TRAMPA ELECTRIC STREET CARVER will quite simply transform your life! It is now fitted as standard with the VESC 6 & connected with TRAMPA's stunningly good SILICON CABLES, a Carbon Fiber 12s Beast Box which is capable of housing 2x 6s batteries (not Supplied) & 1 x VESC 6 to give un-believable 12s performance with over 50kmph of Top speed & range of well over 20 Kilometers can easily be achieved. So far in our extensive tests & Nottingham is a very hilly place claiming the 2nd steepest Street in England, we have not found a hill that these 12s BEASTS cant get up, in fact its not a case of just getting up the hill, its a case of ripping back up the hill, being able to stay on the board when heading up hill under such power becomes a mind blowing 'Hill-arious' challenge !!

TRAMPA CARVE decks have been created to simulate the carving sensations that are commonly enjoyed when Surfing, Snowboarding or Wakeboarding. The Carve Deck is cut from the original mould of a 35º TRAMPA Mountainboard Deck. The Carver Deck, like its originator, is available as SOLID or HOLYPRO options & uses the same mould during its construction as all 35º decks do, so this means the foot stance of the Deck is the same but the deck has been 're-shaped & drilled close to the Crease', making the resulting Street Carver Deck performance to be naturally stiffer & so by using less materials to create the same if not more stiffness, The Carve Deck is considerably lighter than the original Mountainboard Deck but of course by altering the mounting positions & by giving loads of space for lots of steering range the unique shape of the shorter deck generates a completely different performance characteristic to that of its originator... AWESOME!

EVEN BETTER! Many people are asking, is the STREET CARVE Truck the same as the URBAN CARVE Truck? The answer is Yes! But also No! lol! The Two Trucks use exactly the same components to assemble, the only difference between them is in the way they are assembled...!! SO YOU GET 2 TRUCKS IN 1 !! By turning the Hanger around 180º in the assembly makes all the difference, as the Axles in the Hanger are fitted 'offest' in the Hanger and not as you might imagine in the center of the Hanger, so this means that when the Hanger is turned around 180º, the axle position changes from 'Front' to the 'Back' of the Truck. So changing the Axle position instantly changes the wheel base measurement, this also increases the ride height of the deck giving the deck more ground clearance making the setup ideal for 83 or 90mm Long Board wheels, BUT does not change any the special adjustment characteristics or amazing performance of the Mini Spring Truck in anyway. So by simply changing your Hanger direction by 180º allows you to change your wheel size to something much larger or smaller, depending on your mood or ride ahead, which also allows you to consider riding stuff you had previously considered as 'Off Limits'! :-) 2 Decks in 1 UN-REAL!

In order for the Street Carver Deck to perform as its name suggests, the trimmed down 35º Deck needs to be fitted to a suitably sized steering system & so we created the MINI SPRING TRUCKS. Mini Spring Trucks are as their name suggests, smaller versions of the original ATB Spring Truck. The original Forged Alloy body of the ATB Hanger has been miniaturised to a more suitable size to compliment the deck size gaining the performance we were hoping for. To retain low weight the smaller Carve Hanger has been complimented with shorter length & narrower thickness 9.525mm Axles which although shorter remain long enough to fit both sizes of TRAMPA Longboard wheels (83 & 90mm Longboard wheels) & also both of the amazing TRAMPA HYPA & TRAMPA SUPERSTAR wheels! The Mini Truck range is Amazing!ATB Spring Trucks are time tested & proven as being the best steering system your money can buy. They sacrifice a little bit of extra weight over a regular Skate or Longboard style Truck but gain huge amounts of performance in return. Spring Trucks are far more robust, far more adjustable and far more tunable to your personal requirements than any alternative....

The Mini Spring Trucks have 2 Spring positions. Fixing them on the inside position will allow for easy steering very very tight carving turns whilst fixing them into the outside position will stiffen the steering considerably (this can further be stiffened by adding ) allowing you to hit top speeds that you have never dreamed of before!

The entire Mini Spring Truck range is beautifully constructed from the finest materials, using the latest high tech machinery, guaranteeing the highest quality possible is available in the complete INFINITY (Solid Steel Axles) VERTIGO (Hollow Steel Axle with CNC) & ULTIMATE (Titanium Axles with CNC) purchase options.

TRAMPA now offers a complete range of 83 & 90mm Longboard Wheel options that have all been made from the absolute best Super High Rebound - Top Quality Premium Urethane. TRAMPA's Longboard wheels use a Center-set bearing position, can be fitted to TRAMPA Slave Gears for Longboards & are colour coded to show the Urethane Hardness performance 

BLUE   =  74a Super-soft Urethane
BLACK = 76a Soft Urethane
WHITE = 78a Regular Urethane
RED    =   81a Hard Urethane

The Street Carver can be pushed like any conventional Longboard but the deck comes into its own league when turning tightly on steep slope or when built in the addition of an electric motor. The Carving ability of the Street Carve enhances the switch back steering performance of that of a regular Longboard, giving the sensation like that of a surfer or on a huge wave...

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