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EV-Peak A9 12s Charger

EV-Peak A9 12s Charger
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This EV-PEAK A9 12s Battery charger will only work when plugged into the EV-PEAK PJ1 Power Charger which is supplied under a seperate purchase.

When connected together, it is possible to fast batteries in half the time of the Graupner. It is also possible to slow the charge down and drip feed the power balancing out your cells for long lasting performance....

The EV-PEAK A9 12s Battery charger will charge 2x 6s cells at any one time, whilst it is possible to plug in 2x Battery Chargers into the 1x EV-PEAK Power Power charger, therefore allowing you to fast charge 2x sets of 12s Batteries at once! So that battery combination could be 4x 6200 mAh Zippie compact cells fitted as 12s2p in the Monster Box on one Mountainboard or it could be 2x complete Mountainboards boards using the 2x of the 22,000 mAh Cells in each Board....  This powerful combination of charger & power charger is neat way to get alot of riding done!


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