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ALL currencies displaying on this website are to be used as a guide because ALL PAYMENTS received through the website are processed in English Pounds (£'s).

If you are an non UK customer who does not use English £'s (Pounds) as their regular currency for payment, the exchange rate charged to you through the website will be determined by the supplier of the payment card you choose to make the payment to TRAMPA with & the exchange rates/fee's associated for your card supplier for that payment. 

Exchange rates fluctuate from bank to bank & up and down internationally on a daily basis & so the exchange rates detailed on the website may not be accurate & are therefore we ask you to only use them AS A GUIDE to help you see approximately what the product may cost you if you were paying in your selected currency. To select a currency to show on the screen you must open a TRAMPA BOARDS Account. When opening the account you can choose your selected currency within your account pages as a default price for the RRP or you can use the drop down menus on every product page to see the approximate value of that product in your currency.

To find out the exact exchange rate that you will be charged if purchasing through automated payment systems (WORLDPAY or PAYPAL), please contact your chosen card supplier before making your purchase. You can see the total value in your basket, including the shipping fee's in the check out pages of your user account, use the total value as your guide for exact copst. Use this value to check with your bank/card supplier as to the exact rate of exchange they will give to you.

Please see below the exchange rates that are currently set on the TRAMPA management system. Please use these rates as a guide only!

Euro £1 = €1.10
US Dollar £1 = $1.30
New Taiwan Dollar £1 = nt$ 40.00 
Australian Dollar £1 = $1.60
Canadian Dollar £1 = $1.60
Brazillian Real £1 = br$ 5.50
South African Rand £1 = SAR 20.00
Russian Ruble £1 = Rub 80.00
New Zealand Dollar £1 = 1.70 NZD $
Japanese Yen £1 = YEN130 
Swiss Franc £1 = chf 1.20
Danish Krone £1 = 8.20dk 
Polish Zloty £1 = z5
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