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GUMMIES Motormount Connector & Panel - TWIN

GUMMIES Motormount Connector & Panel - TWIN
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M5 x 10mm Countersunk Bolt - Marine Grade Stainless steel with locking paste

TRAMPA's M5 x 10mm COUNTERSUNK Bolt is made from A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel & is used to secure the Spring into position on the Bottom of the Spring Truck hangers. The head of the Bolt is COUNTERSUNK so that it sits flush with your Hanger.

Using Marine Grade Stainless Steel, means these bolts will never rust on you! Weighing just 1.8g each, they are very lightweight, look very sexy & are totally non corrosive. They can cope with any terrain or weather. They laugh in the face of sandy/salty beaches & muddy freeride tracks, which do turn other manufacturers Nuts & Bolts into corrosive rusting wrecks! As well as being Non Corrosive all of the TRAMPA Bolts are diped in BLUE THREAD LOCKING PASTE to ensure an extra strong secure fix between the Nut & the Bolt.

You’ll need 2 of the TRAMPA M5 x 10mm Countersunk Bolts to construct 1 pair of TRAMPA Bindings. You’ll also need a 3mm Allen key to tighten & loosen the bolts. Don’t forget to make sure all you’re Nuts & Bolts are tight before you ride!

STREET Carver Truck Carbon Fiber Motor mounting panel made from 3k Twill Carbon Fibre 5mm Thick - GOOFY

Made from 3k Twill Carbon Fibre then Laser cut to precision, this Street Carver Motor Mount Carbon Fibre Panel is made specifically to fit the TRAMPA 118Kv & 136Kv Motors but will also fit many other Brand motors which are similar sized (6364) to the TRAMPA Motors. To Mount this LEFT foot forwards riding (REGULAR) Street Carver Carbon Motor Mount Panel to your Stret Carver Trucks you will need the Street Carver Truck Motor Mount connector, 2x very special ball ended Flat nosed M8x16mm Grub Srews which lock the Connector to the Hanger & 4x M5x16mm Countersunk Bolts to secure the Carbon Fiber panel to the motor mount connector.  The Street Carver Truck is basically the same as the Urban Carve Truck, the only difference being that the Hanger is facing the oposite direction in assembly. so its possible for your Carver Truck to be BOTH STREET CARVER & URBAN CARVER However if you then wish to add electric motors, you will need different kits for the different Street or Urban boards as the shape of the Hanger is different according to its direction of mount... QUESTION I'm also wondering, will the motors from Ollin Board Company fit on any of your motor mounts? ANSWER I guess the Olin motors will fit to our Motor Mounts no problem, but you will not gain the full benefits of our equipment as the motor axle shaft in the TRAMPA Motors is much longer & so our Mount makes the most of the bearing assisted motor axle support system which supports the axle shaft preventing bent axle shafts, belt slip & wear and tear. Generally the Axle Shaft Support system gives a much better performance all round as it holds the belt in the perfect position, but arguably yes your motors will attach to our Carbon Fibre motor mounts....

In this Kit you get the following parts -
Street Carve Truck Motor Mount Connector - T6 Aluminum
M8 x 16mm GRIPPY Grub Screw - Marine Grade Stainless Steel
M5 x 10mm Countersunk Bolt - Marine Grade Stainless steel
Street Carver Carbon Fibre Motor mounting Panel - GOOFY
Weight: 255g
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RRP £95 - for the complete set

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