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12-FIFTIES Motor Mounts


All HAIL All HAIL!! A revolution has taken place in the world of Boarding! Longboards equipped with Batteries & powerful Motors have been seen 'ripping up the hill!! So with no more time for delay, its time to take the covers off & for me to tell you about how very proud i am to introduce too you, the well over-waited & very much under hyped but totally incredible & absolutely fabulous new range of TRAMPA DRIVE TRAIN's - aka the 'TDT's that are on sale now!!!

TRAMPA is famed for using only the very lightest, strongest, best performing genuine materials in all of the products it produces. We do this because we believe in truth & because we believe in giving the rider the maximum performance experience possible & with the intention that nothing will ever fail, especially when you maybe pushing the limits of whats capable. So it will come as no suprise for you to hear that everything in a TRAMPA Drive train has been made to the same high standards & criteria, having had all of its parts custom designed using the finest of ingredients, combining to make what we refer to as 'wonder products' :-) All these tiny details in the parts we use helps everything conect together perfectly, our motor mounts construct like a 'mechano dream'. All of our different Drive Train assemblies are individual items of beauty with performance that more than matches the good looks! Although its been quite some time coming our intention from the very start was never to rush the project & to have time to test & re-consider all the little details we may have missed in the drawings with the intention of raising the bar on the entire scene & for sure we feel we have certainly gone a long way beyond achieving this target with all the new E-Products we have produced, by going bigger & better in every instance where we are compared.... This demand for high quality combined with well thought out & easy construction designs means we have gained stunningly good results for you to enjoy! :-)

TRAMPA's LONGBOARD DRIVE TRAIN (LBDT) is, a along with all the other electrically driven products by TRAMPA, quite simply fantastic! We supply everything you need in the finest quality we can produce it in, to enable you to build the product of your dreams. These Longboard Motor Mount kits let you build your own E-Board with ease to the recently introduced Caliber II Longboard Trucks.

As you may already expect from TRAMPA, in regard to these new electric products we have raised the bar in terms of quality & performance across the entire industry as every product in our range uses only the very lightest & best performing materials available. The individual parts combine perfectly thought out the entire Electronic product range. TRAMPA's Electric Powered Boards have stunningly good performance :-)

Never tried a powered board before? Electric drives are a real game changer for our often downhill required sports! Its unbelievable just how addictive a single powered ride can be. We still have some issues supplying batteries for the TDT's, but these can be sourced elsewhere & we will bring news on our own battery developments soon & but as a rider now is the time as the equipment available today is light enough whilst more then powerful enough to be highly impressive! Electric drives are a complete game changer for our board sports as they make ripping up a hill just as much fun as free wheeling downhill! Its unbelievable just how addictive these boards these boards can be, lab rats (i mean team riders) at the TRAMPA HQ have pretty given up their cars in favor of their E-Board as they easily beat traffic and the short cycle track replaces many regular commutes & local run arounds...

Its your preference as to whether you take the Single motor setup or if you dare take the insane TWIN motor setup! To be honest, 30kmph (Which is not the speed limit) is like really really fast on one of our boards & most riders out there will easily be able to achieve this type of speed & still have ample amounts of power using just 1 of the TRAMPA motors.... The only real benefit of having TWIN Motors is when you are in serious off road situations or if you imagine you will be making lots of steep climbs when the surface is not so sure like when riding a dirt track through the woods....

We advise the power to be controlled by the latest version of VESC. (we have something very special to announce soon but it hasn't happened yet, so a VESC is not currently available on the TRAMPA site but alternative VESC's can be found on the web which work fine with our TDT kits for the now) The power output is tunable to suit your preference or ride ahead. Be it short sharp max power acceleration for racing with cycles or easy steady acceleration for a long distance range. Using the gearing options available (!3,14 & 1t Tooth options) 30° slopes can easily be ridden at speed whilst TRAMPA's Electric Mountain boards can be set to accelerate so hard the wheels spin like a rally car when riding in dirt, on hard packed surfaces they can wheelie all the way to full speed just like a GP bike of the lights!

When enough funding comes our way we intend to make an App for the Mobile phone which will allow the rider to connect to the board wirelessly & be able to tune the board on the fly (currently its a plug into a pc or laptop job so not so convenient but still possible). This App technology is already available but what with all the recent investment we have undertaken were a few Dollars away from doing this right now - We are looking for investors if somebody is thinking 'Well i have some money to invest to help make that'. 

To describe what it feels like to ride the twin engine Electric mountain board over rough terrain is kind of beyond words, i say this because in order for snowboarding or surfing to be at its best we really rely on the weather & were all chasing that perfect moment, & when it does come it doesn't last long & often some punk may have beaten you to it to make the first line down which inevitably spoils your ride, where-as riding the E Board is like being on endless wave or the perfect slope of fresh snow that just goes on forever or at least until your feet are burning so bad & you need a break from all the carves! The feeling of being able to continuously link small & massive carve turns for as far & as wide as the route will take you is just sensational. As a life long extreme athlete exposed to most of the board & wheeled sports that have been out there from Quad skates, bmx & Skateboard as a kid to snowboard Longboard & MotorX as an adult, i can honestly tell you that it feels like the power from MotorX bike placed on a Snowboard but riding permanently in the most amazing Super tube in the sunniest best condition! just amazing! :-)

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