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Mini INFINITY Urban Carve TRUCKS - 9.525mm SOLID Steel Axles

Mini INFINITY Hanger - 9.525mm SOLID steel Axles - Anodised Silver

The Mini INFINITY Hanger measures 12.5 Inches in total width & it fits to all TRAMPA Spring Truck Baseplates. Being narrower in the body & fitted with shorter Axles than regular ATB Hangers means the overall steering characteristics are completely different. The Hanger is drilled with 2 spring mounting positions & by changing the spring positions in the Truck & by adding/removing the DAMPA's into/from the springs means the Mini INFINITY Hanger has a broad range of controllable steering which can be used for many different applications from Carvie Street to Downhill Speed Riding.

To ensure the best performance the hanger body is made from FORGED ALUMINUM & is one solid piece with NO weight saving expensive CNC work. The Mini Infinity Hanger is CNC drilled at the kingpin for precision assembly & is fitted with 9.525mm SOLID STEEL Axles. The Axles have also been HEAT TREATED. Heat treating steel makes it substantially stronger & more resistant to impact. Using a CNC milling machine guarantee's to drill the Kingpin Holes precisely. Ensuring the Kingpin Holes are accurately placed guarantee's the best performance to the rider as well as making the truck easy to assembly & service. The Mini INFINITY Hanger is Silver Anodised for metal protection & colour coordinating good looks before the CNC work is carried out.

The Mini INFINITY hanger measures 12.5 Inches in total width. When the wheels are fitted to the Hanger, the board has a center wheel width of 12 Inches.

Setting the springs to the inside position & riding with no TRAMPA DAMPA makes the Truck turn very fast & suitable for CARVE BOARD, fast turning style riding, where as, placing the springs in the outside position & adding the TRAMPA DAMPA's makes the steering very stiff & suitable for fast LONG BOARD riding.

TRAMPA's Mini INFINITY Hanger uses (9.525mm x 10mm) SPACERS to position the Street Carver wheels accurately. The spacer slips onto the axles, leaving the perfect space to mount the TRAMPA Street Carver wheels accurately. Use the 7/16ths of an inch Axle Nuts to lock the wheels into place on the axle.

Kingpin bushings push into the Kingpin holes, in both the Hanger & the Baseplate. When all the bushings are in position, push the Baseplate over the Hanger and into position so that all the Kingpin holes line up. When this is the case you will be able to push the kingpin, from the front to the truck to the back, through the holes in the assembly, connecting them all together. Remember to add the washer onto the kingpin before sliding into the assembly.

To finish off the beautiful product, Marine Grade Stainless steel GRUB SCREWS help keep the Axles locked into the correct place within the Hanger.

INFINITY Baseplate Silver - Fits ATB & CARVE Extruded T6 Aluminum Anodised & CNC precision Milled

The  INFINITY Baseplate will fit to all of the TRAMPA Spring Truck Hangers but is designed specifically to work in conjunction with the Mini Spring Hanger as it houses a NEW Dual Spring Adjuster position! When the Springs are moved to the new inside position, the new location allows the rider to turn the board very very easily, making it perfect for fast carve riding on all kinds of terrain. You can see the new & growing TRAMPA STREET CARVER range of products here...

The  INFINITY Baseplate is, as its name suggests, designed & built to last forever! Aircraft grade 6061 Aluminum is forced through a Die to create our re-enforced extruded profile. Extruding Aluminum ensures consistent high quality strength. Once Extruded the Baseplate is T6 Heat Treated. Heat treating extruded aluminum fuses the molecules even closer together making it as strong as possible, enabling the INFINITY Baseplate to easily cope with the extreme stresses of all types of off road boarding.

Once Heat Treated, the profile has its fixing holes punched into position & then its Bead Polished in preparation to be Anodised Silver. Once the colour has dried, the Baseplate is then returned to the factory for the precision CNC Machine to accurately mill the Kingpin holes, giving the exact precision required for constructing the Truck.


This M8 x 80mm Nikel Plated Spring Truck Kingpin is used to connect the Hanger & the Baseplate on the TRAMPA INFINITY, VERTIGO or ULTIMATE Trucks. By using an 8mm Kingpin we have managed to save loads of weight whilst retaining all the strength necessary for the job by using high quality metals true to our word!

This M8 x 80mm Kingpin connects through the truck & into an M6 Nut. You'll need a 4mm Allen key to hold the Kingpin & a 10mm spanner to tighten/loosen your M6 Kingpin Nut.

This Kingpin pushes through plastic bushings before being placed into position in the Truck System. The Plastic bushings allow the metal parts (Hanger & Baseplate) to move inside each other without allowing the metal parts to touch or wear out. The plastic bushings will wear out over time and use and will eventually perish and need replacing. SO, make sure your Bushings are always in good working order after riding riding or when upgrading your Kingpin, it might be time to replace them too due to the unavoidable wear and tear of moving mountainboard parts.

This Kingpin lives up to TRAMPA's incredibly high quality standards, but it's always handy to have a spare just in case you do break one out on a ride.... Upgrade ur Kingpin by fitting the TRAMPA TITANIUM Kingpin which will save you loads of weight & fit into all of the TRAMPA Spring Trucks.

Kingpin Bushings 2.5mm Base - for Spring Trucks

The precision made Kingpin Bushings locate the Kingpin in a wear-free position between the hanger & Baseplate

The Kingpin bushings are a small item & are subjected to a lot of forces and through normal/regular use they will ultimately need replacing over time. Depending on what surface you are riding on will depend on how long these bushings will last you. So to make sure your trucks are always performing at their best inspect these Bushings regularly (preferably before riding) & in particular replace any that are showing signs of wear & from time to time replace them anyway...

The difference between the four bushings is the thickness of the base. The different base sizes are 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and 2.5mm. 2.5mm is the standard size we work to. As all trucks have 4 bushings this .5mm difference in each of the bushing bases allows us to bridge a maximum distance of 2mm (4x.05mm=2m) resolving any foreseeable problems.

M6 Nut - Marine Grade Stainless steel Nylock Nut - Fixes Bindings & Trucks to Deck

Introducing TRAMPA's M6 (6mm Thread) A4 Grade Marine Grade Stainless steel Nylock Nut. This Nylock Nut will fit to all M6 Bolts regardless of their length. This A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Nut will never rust on you! It is fitted with the world renowned NYLOCK System (Nylock is a nylon locking system where Nylon is pasted into the threads of the nut so that when the bolt is tightened into the nut the nylon grabs the thread of the bolt holding it locking it in the thread ensuring things do not vibrate loose or fall off when being ridden on rough terrain like that which a Mountain or Kiteboard endures. The NYLOCK System is fitted as standard to all TRAMPA Nuts

This Nut is used to fix to the Regular shaped M6 Bolts that hold the TRUCKS to the DECK for the HOLYPRO Decks & also for the countersunk bolts connecting the L BRACKETS TO the DECKs. Use an 10mm spanner or SOCKET for a Ratchet Driver to tighten the Nut onto the Bolt. Always ensure your Nuts & Bolts are tight before you ride!

Zinc plated Sprung Steel Compression Springs - SILVER

TRAMPA's SPRINGS are coiled to precision & they fit into the space between the Baseplate & Hanger perfectly. This is for easy fitting & to be super responsive to the rider. Being made to measure they are very easy to fit & no clamps or tools are required to squeeze them into positionTRAMPA Springs are available in a selection of Powder-coated colours BUT this one has been Nickel plated for shiny good looks & of course for best surface coating protection.

Our Springs have been designed to work in perfect harmony with the TRAMPA DAMPA's & TRAMPA SPRING RETAINER providing maximum performance from the "Spring assembly" to the rider. The DAMPA's drop into the SPRING & the SPRING RETAINERS seal the ends of the spring, holding the DAMPA in exact position to be pre-loaded & squeezed into the truck. Using just a little bit of muscle, squeeze the loaded spring into the truck, then lock the spring into position using the Spring Adjuster & M5 x 12mm Countersunk Bolt. The TRAMPA spring Truck steering system is highly responsive & totally customisable by interchanging the DAMPA's to harder Urethane. Other Mountain Board brands springs will not fit the TRAMPA Trucks as they are a different in dimension.

Spring Retainer - Specially designed to work in harmony with the Dampa & spring

TRAMPA's very own & very special re-enforced Spring Retainer has been specifically shaped to fit tightly inside the TRAMPA SPRINGS to snugly hold the TRAMPA DAMPA in the perfect position, instantly providing precision steering to the rider.

Constructed using the very latest in Injection Moulding machinery & original DuPont Materials, this part should never fail on you. The Spring Retainer houses an extra wide Marine Grade Stainless Steel Flanged Insert. The Extra Strength that the re-enforced flange creates, eliminates the need for a very awkwardly fitting washer that is still found in the MBS & Scrub boards today. Pimped - The Spring Retainer is TRAMPA Embossed around the rim of the retainer proving our quality, so don't get fooled or buy copies! 

Spring Adjuster - Marine Grade Stainless Steel

TRAMPA's very own & very special SPRING ADJUSTER is made using A4 MARINE GRADE STAINLESS STEEL & its guaranteed never to rust on you! The Spring adjuster is fitted to the trucks once the springs have been pushed into position. The spring adjuster pre-tensions the steering for the rider suitable to their requirements. We designed the Spring Adjuster to be slightly shorter in length than other brands, this is so that the Tip of the adjuster does not poke through the internal of the Spring Retainer & therefor does not interfere or hinder the performance of the DAMPA wich is located on the inside of the Retainer.

Should you need extra resisitance from your steering because you wish to ride fast, or if you need more steering because the course is twisty then you can very easily & quickly adjust the resistance in your steering by simply turning the spring adjster in the correct direction. To get the most out of your trucks on changeable terrain, simply ride with & use a 4mm Allen Key to make your adjustments. Winding the Spring Adjuster clockwise increases the steering resistance, which in turn restricts wobble at high speed.. Turning the Adjuster anti-clockwise loosens the steering allowing a more carvey ride..  

DO NOT over tighten your Spring Adjuster, as this may crush your DAMPA.. If you need more steering resistance upgrade your DAMPA's & do not over tighten!!

M5 x 12mm Countersunk Bolt - Marine Grade Stainless steel with locking paste

TRAMPA's M5 x 12mm COUNTERSUNK Bolt is made from A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel & is used to secure the Spring into position on the Bottom of the Spring Truck hangers. The head of the Bolt is COUNTERSUNK. Countersinking the head of the bolt means that when it is screwed into position it sits flush  & neat with the surface it is screwed into, preventing items standing proud eliminating the chance of getting hung-up should it get caught on anything....

Weighing just 1.8g each, they are very lightweight, look very sexy & are totally non corrosive. Using Marine Grade Stainless Steel, means these Bolts will never rust on you! They can cope with the most harsh of weather conditions & they laugh in the face of sandy/salty beaches or muddy freeride tracks, which do turn other manufacturers Nuts & Bolts into corrosive rusting wrecks! As well as being Non Corrosive all of the TRAMPA Bolts are diped in  BLUE THREAD LOCKING PASTE to ensure an extra strong secure fix between the Nut & the Bolt.

You will need 2 of the M5 x 12mm Countersunk Bolts per Truck. You’ll also need a 3mm Allen key to tighten & loosen the bolts. Don’t forget to make sure all you’re Nuts & Bolts are tight before you ride! Don’t forget to make sure all you’re Nuts & Bolts are tight before you ride!

Carve Truck Axle CNC Spacer - 9.525 x 13.52 x 10mm

Precision made to ensure an accurate fit with no rattles, this Polished9.525mm x 13.52mm x 10mm long "precision made Aluminium spacer" fits onto the axles of the Carveboard Trucks & also in-between the Bearings of the Carveboard Wheels. The Bearing Support Spacers get crushed over time from constant tightening, so check the spacer is fitting well and replace if necessary over time.

Shim spacer - STAINLESS STEEL - Bridges tiny gaps on axles - 9.525 x 13.525 x 1mm

This tiny STEEL Shim Spacer is precision made to give maximum performance! It is used to hold the bearings in the perfect position & also to bridge tiny gaps on the axles, ensuring an accurate fit with NO rattles!

The Shim spacer slips onto the axle fitting either side of the Bearings when the wheel is being fitted onto 9.525mm Axles.

This tiny spacer positions the wheel perfectly on the axle, holding the Bearing in the best possible place to help achieve maximum spin rate for the wheel. Its little parts like these that suffer the most amount of abuse, especially when they are used in the harsh conditions that they are. Check from time to time they are in good order & possibly replacing them every now & then this good proactice will ensure your board stays in tip-top condition, always!

3/8ths Nut - Marine Grade Stainless steel Nylock HALF nut W3/8 - 24T UNF

This very special Marine Grade Stainless steel Nyloc HALF NUT is custom made specially to fit the TRAMPA products. Half nut means - half as the size of a regular nut, so half the size = half the weight of a normal nut. By using Half nuts on the axles reduces the over all length of the axle & kingpin therefore reducing weight in the Truck also! A few Grams here & a few grams there soon adds up to quite alot & that makes all the difference to the total Truck & consequently deck weight, specially in critical areas of the deck such as the wheels area...

This very special 3/8ths of an inch Marine Grade Stainless steel Nylock Half Nut official factory measurements are  W3/8ths - 24T - UNF. This Nut is used to hold the wheels onto the axles of the 9.525mm (3/8ths of Inch or otherwise referred to as 10mm) SKATE TRUCKS & also the Spring Trucks fitted with TITANIUM axles. This Nut is also used to hold the KINGPIN in position on all Skate Trucks. The Nut is fitted as standard with the world renowned NYLOC System. The Nyloc "locks the Nut onto the Bolt" eliminating vibration, keeping your nuts tighter for longer!

Use a 14mm or 9/16ths of an Inch spanner to tighten the Nut onto the Axle or Kingpin, do not overtighten the nut, allow the wheel to spin freely but not rattle & do not crush your bearings. Being Marine Grade Stainless Steel this nut will not rust you! Always ensure all ur nuts are tight before you ride!

 - Fits to 9.525mm (3/8ths) Axles & Skate Truck Kingpins

TRAMPA's MINI SPRING TRUCK range is spawned from the highly respected TRAMPA Mountainboard Spring Truck steering systems. The MINI Spring Trucks offer the rider the same ability to be able to fully adjust & custom tune their set-up & steering to just about any setting you can imagine. It is possible to "move the springs" into the inside mounting position, making the steering super loose (which is perfect for incredibley sexy CARVY TURNS), too moving the springs "into the outside position", adding the TRAMPA DAMPA's and making the steering as STIFF as you could ever imagine, setting you up perfectly for the fastest of high speed runs wherever possible....

The MINI INFINITY TRUCK is a radically designed masterpiece of steering lushness, it is without doubt one of the sweetest little steering systems ever seen on a 4 wheeled board! Using high strength FORGED Alloy for the HANGER (fitted with 9.525mm SOLID STEEL AXLES), it is connected to an incredibly strong, 'EXTRUDED & T6 HEAT TREATED' Aluminum BASEPLATE, that has been given dual spring position, creating the huge range of adjustable steering options that this truck has too offer.

The MINI INFINITY TRUCK has not been CNC'd light weight & so as it's name suggests the Mini Infinity Truck has been designed to last forever!! The Hanger & Baseplate "Kingpin Holes" are CNC precision milled, allowing the Truck to assemble like a dream - everything fixes together perfectly enabling the MINI INFINITY TRUCKS to provide problem free, precision riding!

NYLON BUSHINGS are inserted into the Kingpin holes of the Hanger & Baseplate, allowing a flush connection & to eliminate wear between the moving parts. An 8mm KINGPIN is used to connect the 2 integral parts together allowing the steering to happen.. 

SPRINGS are squeezed (by hand) into the mounting positions between the Hanger & Baseplate. When anchored into position the springs add resistance to the steering. The steering resistance can be pre-set to your weight, riding ability & personal preference & can be easily adjusted by using a 4mm Allen Key & turning the SPRING ADJUSTER clockwise, pre-loading the resistance in the spring. Additionally a TRAMPA DAMPA can be fitted to add extra resistance to the spring..... 

TRAMPA DAMPA's come in 5 different hardness there is one for every type of rider! You can quickly adjust your board relevant to the conditions or terrain ahead... Over time your riding will improve & you will demand more pre-tension (performance) from your steering. So remember the DAMPA's need some room to work & therefore don't over tighten your springs squashing the DAMPA's too much because ultimately with too much pre-tension they will split. Instead of overtightening change your DAMPA's to a slightly Harder Shore Resistance. TRAMPA's URBAN Carve Board is the perfect all round deck aimed at Snowboarders, Surfers, Skaters, Longboarders & of course Mountainboarders wanting to cross over and ride everything....!

Super strong SOLID Forged Hanger - EDP Painted
9.525mm thick SOLID Steel Axle 12.5 Inches Wide
Super strong Solid INFINITY baseplate
Nikel plated Rust proof Kingpin
Nikel Plated SIlver Springs
Re-enforced Spring retainer - No Fiddly washers to fit!
Marine Grade Stainless Steel Fixings
Fits to - 35º Decks
Mini INFINITY Hanger - 9.525mm SOLID steel axle
Silver INFINITY Baseplate - Extruded T6 Ali & Anodised
8mm NICKLE PLATED Light weight King Pin
Trampa Spring Retainer - No Awkward Washers to fit
Spring Adjuster - Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Weight: 826g

Quantity required:
RRP £60 - per truck

RRP Includes 20% VAT

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