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Motor Axle Support Bearing in T6 Aluminum Housing with fixings

M4 x 40mm Socket Capped Bolt - Marine Grade Stainless steel with locking paste

TRAMPA's M4 x 40mm Socket Capped Bolt is made using A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. This very special TRAMPA Bolt is used to assemble the TRAMPA SUPERSTAR HUBS. Using a 3mm Allen Key the Socket Capped head of the Bolt screws neatly though the SPOKES, through the fixing point in the Rim of the Hub,  passing through the spoke on the other side and eventually screwing into the M4 nut on the other side easly.

Weighing just 3 grams each these bolts are very lightweight. They look very sexy & are totally non corrosive. Using Marine Grade Stainless Steel, means these Bolts will never rust on you! They can cope with the most harsh of weather conditions & they laugh in the face of sandy/salty beaches or muddy freeride tracks, which do turn other manufacturers Nuts & Bolts into corrosive rusting wrecks! As well as being Non Corrosive all of the TRAMPA Bolts are diped in  BLUE THREAD LOCKING PASTE to ensure an extra strong secure fix between the Nut & the Bolt.

You will need a 3mm Allen Key to tighten & loosen the Nuts & Bolts from the hub. Ensure all your Nuts & Bolts are tight before riding!

T6 Aluminum Motor axle Support housing with ABEC7 Bearing pressed in
Motor Shaft Bearing housing Support Spacer 4.1 x 8 x 27.5mm
M4 x 40mm Socket Capped Bolt - Marine Grade Stainless steel
M4 Washer Form B - Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Weight: 60g
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