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Mountainboard Blank Decks


TRAMPA MOUNTAIN BOARDS are amazing! TRAMPA BOARDS are custom made, by hand in the UK, specific to the weight, height & ability of the rider. Regardless of your weight or height there is a tailor made TRAMPA deck that can be made specifically for you. It DOES MATTER which model you ride however every TRAMPA deck is sold as un-breakable. Since the very first prototype of the TRAMPA deck was made way back in 2002, the incredible TRAMPA material has never once failed on us or any customer in any shape or form - No cracks, No snaps, No de-lams or splits or anything what so ever, EVER!! :-)

TRAMPA Decks are custom made to the riders weight, height & riders ability. We can make the perfect custom model for every shape & size of rider there is. As a guide, smaller / younger 'Gromit' riders benefit from lighter decks such as the 15º SHORT or the super-light-weight 15º HOLY PRO, which both use Skate style Trucks, whilst larger / adult sized riders need something bigger & more robust to handle their weight on the rough terrain, such as the spring steering system which need to be mounted to a 35º Deck.... Generally speaking, progressing Teenage sized riders tend to take such models as the 35º Short, whilst larger adult sized riders tend to take something like the 35º LONG. If you are an advanced level rider looking for an all-round board that is perfect to Freeride & Freestyle then choose the hugely attractive & very popular 35º HOLYPRO deck as this will impress anyone who see;s it!

As well as your physical size & riding ability, it very much depends on the type of riding you are hoping to do, ie, Mountainboard Freeride or Mountain board Freestyle?  A TRAMPA deck can be used to enjoy all applications of Mountainboarding but just like purchasing a bike, you probably wouldn't purchase a BMX to ride a Road race... This is what stands TRAMPA decks out from the competition as we give the rider the advantage by tuning the performance to their requirements so please don't purchase a Kiteboard if you wish to predominantly Mountainboard as the performance information is supplied on the product page is completely different to that of the other, this is because (again generally speaking) the Kiteboarders demand a much more flexable deck compared to the flex requirements of the Mountainboarders who prefer longer stiffr decks...

If the terrain is very soft and the rider is heavy then you may benefit more so with a 35º LONG Deck BUT fitted with the 9 Inch wheels, where as Big-Air or Freestyle Teenagers sized riders will tend to benefit from shorter, faster rotating decks, such as the 35º SHORT. For the more recreational rider who still wants the thrill of dirt riding but hasn't got the movement to get down & power-slide, the NEW MAGURA HS11 Brakeboard is the perfect answer should you wish to add the powerful Hydraulic brakes to their ride.

If you are unsure about What is the right Deck or Deck Ply is best for you, please click this link & complete the mini questionnaire email which will be sent to Ted at the TRAMPA HQ. He will respond usually very quickly with the appropriate information you will be seeking.

A Mountainboard can be ridden on any Hard Packed Terrain such as a mud tracks, trails through the woods, down a hill in a farmers field or maybe even in your back yard if it is large enough! Hilly, well groomed Golf Courses, are the Mecca of ride venues but you are quite likely to get into trouble unless permission has been granted (which doesn't usually happen on a golf course so just get a quick ride in when no-one is looking & then scarpa!!). There are many dedicated Mountainboard centers around the world where you can get tuition from a professional or compare / show off your skills whilst competing at the events or just ride with other like minded progressing riders as a crew... Check out the Ride Guide for some suggestions of where to ride & who to ride with...

The harsh elements that Mountainboards usually operate in, such as mud, sand, sea-salt or dirty puddle water - non one of these harsh elements will harm the TRAMPA Board what so ever. When producing the TRAMPA decks, the fibers of secret material almost turn to a liquid like state, almost swimming around each other gaining inter-twined fiber contact, but during cooling their close contact fuses these fibers together making a fantastic molecular connection, as Stringer than one one solid piece.... Ensuring the air is continuously sucked out of the mould the during entire baking process pulls the fibers even closer, close enough for us to be able to say the TRAMPA DECKS ARE UN- BREAKABLE well beyond their intended use!

To complement the TRAMPA decks un-breakable reputation, high purity metals coated in top quality surface coatings such as Powder-coating & Anodising are applied to protect all the metal components from corrosion in the naturally harsh elements. TRAMPA prioritises quality before price in all aspects of what it does, especially when it comes to avoiding corrosion & rust. To ensure there is no rust, all of the Nuts & Bolts used to construct all of the Parts & Components in a TRAMPA Board including the construction of the deck, is all made using MARINE GRADE (A4) STAINLESS STEEL fixings, which means your board will never grow any unsightly rust, EVER!!


The original 15° skate style TRAMPA™ deck was our first creation. It was based on the design workings of the Scrub Lyon Canyon, where we wanted to improve the performance of a very cheap and non-responsive wooden skate deck set-up. The original 15° TRAMPA™ deck did this incredibly well and remains today as the best sellers on the website. The TRAMPA™15° deck is suitable as an upgrade or replacement for a damaged or low performing deck, and can fit all skate style truck systems regardless of their brand.The 15° TRAMPA™ deck is only compatible to work in harmony with skate truck style steering systems as the steering angle required for skate trucks is 15°. Other suitable truck systems which fit to the TRAMPA™ 15° deck include MBS, Scrub, Kheo, Munro.

The TRAMPA™ deck is made from a re-enforced glass and plastic thermo composite, which was originally developed for light-weight military applications, its special because it gives superior strength to weight ratios whilst (unlike carbon fibre) remaining flexible. It is able to with stand huge impacts or forces and flex's like most other materials cant. It is specially formulated, and presented in a workable matter in a thread like format, just like cotton. From there, we weave the thread to our desired width, and place it onto a roll. Pre-shaped and polished  aluminum mould's approx 2 meters long are used to give the material the dimensions and surface quality we require, and then by varying the layer quantity of the special material used in the mould, we are able to control the amount of flex and pop in the resulting deck, allowing us to officially custom make the deck for the customers height weight, ride style and abillity.

A special seal is used to help with the large pump to create a high pressured vacuum. The mould is then placed in its very special oven, still under a vacuum, to cook for about 2 hours. As the air is sucked out and the heated material becomes fluid for a moment, at the crucial moment the heating is turned off and the moulds are left to cool, resulting in one solid piece! At this point we refer to the resulting product as the Motherboard as it contains 8 decks. Once cooled the exterior moulds are removed and the motherboard is taken to the water jet cutting bed to neatly remove the individual decks from the motherboard. The datum marks are fed into the machine for accuracy and water is mixed with a very fine particle sand which is then blasted out of the nozzle under a pressure of 60,000 Psi. (thats enough pressure to cut through 9 inch titanium!) which results in a razor sharp finish to the edge of the deck.

The decks then need to be finished by hand... There is a straight line embossed into the bottom of the deck and a hand held jig is used to drill the truck holes. The binding and grab handle fixing holes are measured and drilled by hand. Metal files are used to take away the sharp edge of the deck and they are then rubbed smooth with a block and various types of sandpaper. The finer the sandpaper used the finer the finish to the edge of the deck will be.... spend some time on your deck, show it some love and give it a good rub.....

We can make the TRAMPA™ decks as stiff or as flexi as you would want it to be. Generally speaking the stiffer the deck is the heavier the rider is, so the weight of a TRAMPA™ deck is often relative to the weight of the rider, so lightweight isn't always the best thing as its important for the rider to know that their deck can handle their weight for the right applications..... All TRAMPA™ blank decks are available drilled or un-drilled , with or without grip tape, with or without converting nuts and bolts or any other extras you may need.  

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