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R608 STICKIES Wheels 8mm Axle LONGBOARD Bearing Sets


TRAMPA's 608 Bearings are supplied with Internal Bearing Support Spacers & will fit to all classic Longboard & Skateboard Wheels.

TRAMPA's Bearings are the Highest Precision 608 2RS Skate Bearings money can buy! CERAMIC Bearings suffer less friction when turning, making them the fastest spinning bearings you can fit into your board. TRAMPA's Ceramic Bearings are the standard by which all other skate bearings on the market should measured against & have become the Professional Boarders Bearing of choice!

To ensure no corrosion the TRAMPA Bearings are coated in a super fine grease similar to Speed Cream & then mounted into a Stainless Steel Raceway & finally to prevent the ingress of dirt are fitted with Non-contact (Frictionless) Removable Shields (2RS). Adding Removable Shields makes the bearings easy to clean & most importantly service. If serviced regular TRAMPA's Ceramic Bearings will last you a life time, well at least a long time & certainly much longer than if no service at all! :-)

As with all of TRAMPA's Bearings this Longboard Bearing has been fitted with Friction Free (contact-less) Removable Shields making servicing really easy. To Service your Bearings use a sharp knife or 'Pick' to carefully take out the Removable Sleeves from the bearing & clean/soak the bearings in a pot of Petrol or Thinners. Once clean, dry thoroughly & add a few drops of Speed Cream. A few drops is more than enough so don't go pouring loads in, the oil just needs spreading over all of the surfaces so pop them on the axle & give them a spin to spread the cream evenly & only add 1 more drop of Speed cream if necessary. Remember to wipe up any excess cream spinning out of your bearings onto your wheels as this will attract dust & dirt looking messy in turn.

TRAMPA's Longboard bearing sets are supplied with 10.18mm Bearing Support Spacers. The spacer job is to fit between the bearings of the longboard wheels to support the loads gained through the center of the bearing centre which is its strongest point. The Carbon Steel Longboard wheel Spacer is 0.18mm oversized to allow for shrinkage gained from natural usage over time. The spacer maintains best performance to the user for as long as possible. From time to time it is good practice for you to exchange your spacers to ensure maximum performance at all times.

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