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Rubber O-Rings

The following are required to build this product:


This O-Ring should be fitted when a 9.525 x 16.5mm Bearing Support Spacer is fitted into the wheel assembly when fitting a wheel onto 9.525mm Axles. It fits alongside the Bearing Support Spacer, in-between the Bearings. This O-Ring prevents rattles from the spacer against the bearings. Over time, during the usage of your board, the bearings & spacers are put under a lot of force. Ultimately this force has to go somewhere... The Bearings use a Steel ring in their assembly where as the Bearing Support Spacers are made from Aluminum. Steel is much stringer than Aluminum & when forced against each the aluminum will loose out every time! This is what happens to your spacers between the bearings, the Bearings put force onto your spacers as a consequence over time the spacers shrink... With enough time its possible for an annoying rattle to start.... That's when you fit these little O-Rings!! :-)

O-Ring Inner Diameter - 8mm
O-Ring Outer Diameter - 10mm
O-Ring Thickness - 2mm
Weight: 1g

Quantity required:
RRP £0.25 - per o-ring

RRP Includes 20% VAT

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