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Single Motor BEAST BOX


Using the beast box you can Easily fit 2x6s Zippy Compact batteries to make 12s power into 1 single motor. Its also possible to custom make your own battery... Using 18650 cells or similar, it's possible to make a battery configuration of 12s3p which will considerably increase your range.

As a guide, Depending on how you pull the Throttle trigger, Depending on the terrain you're riding, depending on whether or not you are riding on a flat surface or steep hills or down hills, Depending on how hard the wind is blowing and in what direction, Depending on what KV motor & the Gearing you are running, not forgetting the size of wheel/tyre you are using, and of course depending on whether you are riding on a smooth surface or rough surface will determine just how far your batteries will take you.

So as a guide I have begun to advise people, because of all the wide variants that, 1s of battery power is approximately equivilant to 1x kilometer or 1x mile Power depending on all of the above factors. So for example if you are riding flat out riding Up hill most of the time and obviously you cannot expect your batteries to last you As long if you were riding mostly downhill casually.... So following my guide of 1s = 1x mile or 1x km depending on all the factors listed above, is pretty fair to say using 1x 12s battery should give you approx of 12x Miles -12x kilometers in MAXIMUM range....

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