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STREET CARVER - Mini Spring Trucks


The MINI SPRING TRUCK is a radically designed masterpiece of steering lushness! It is without doubt the most advanced, most adjustable & most sweetest steering system that boarding of any kind has ever seen!!

By 'trimming' the regular ATB Hanger body down from 11 inches to just 9 Inches wide & by reducing the exposed Axle length down from 67mm to just 46mm & we have been able to shrink the overall width of the ATB Hanger at 16 inches wide to just 12.5 Inches wide for the MINI SPRING TRUCK. Being just 12.5 inches wide means the MINI SPRING TRUCK system is more in-tune to fit & handle smaller sized wheels such as the 83 & 90mm Long Board Wheels or the new 7 inch Pneumatic Tyres that fit to all of the TRAMPA Hubs. Using smaller or larger wheels gives access to a whole new world of boarding that most people out there did not know existed.... Until now that is :-)

Many people are asking, is the STREET CARVE Truck the same as the URBAN CARVE Truck? The answer is Yes! But also No! lol! The Two Trucks use exactly the same components to assemble, the only difference between them is in the way they are assembled...!! SO YOU GET 2 TRUCKS IN 1 !! By turning the Hanger around 180º in the assembly makes all the difference, as the Axles in the Hanger are fitted 'offest' in the Hanger and not as you might imagine in the center of the Hanger, so this means that when the Hanger is turned around 180º, the axle position changes from 'Front' to the 'Back' of the Truck. So changing the Axle position instantly changes the wheel base measurement, this also increases the ride height of the deck giving the deck more ground clearance making the setup ideal for 83 or 90mm Long Board wheels, BUT does not change any the special adjustment characteristics or amazing performance of the Mini Spring Truck in anyway. So by simply changing your Hanger direction by 180º allows you to change your wheel size to something much larger or smaller, depending on your mood or ride ahead, which also allows you to consider riding stuff you had previously considered as 'Off Limits'! :-)

Using super strength high grade FORGED ALLOY to make the HANGER-BODY, (which in many cases is then CNC machined to trim out excess weight without upsetting the balance or any of strength of the shape in anyway & to ensure precision mounting) it is then fitted with a selection of 9.525mm axles options from SOLID STEEL (Infinity), HOLLOW STEEL (Vertigo) or light weight TITANIUM (Ultimate) Axle options. 

The HANGER is connected to the Super Strong, (EXTRUDED & T6 HEAT TREATED) 6061 Aluminum BASEPLATE by the use of a Horizontally mounted 8mm KINGPIN. Connecting the two components horizontally rather than vertically allows our huge range of steering, plus this technique gives us the space for the SPRINGS (Stuffed with Spring Retainers) to be squeezed into the resulting gap between the two components. The oversized SPRINGS take up the slack in the steering, creating a balanced 'steering resistance'. Using a 4mm Allen-Key to turn the SPRING ADJUSTER in the Baseplate mounting point, turning clockwise pushes force onto the SPRING RETAINER squashing the Spring below. The steering can be pre-tensioned to your personal requirement. The amount of steering resistance required for you depends on many factors, including your body weight & body size, your riding ability, the track you are about to ride & of course your riding style & personal preference. Generally speaking riding a board uses the same rules as driving a Rally car, the better/faster the rider is, the stiffer the pre-tension needs to be. 

The Kingpin is available in a selection of options (Nikel Plated, Stainless Steel or light-weight TITANIUM). The Kingpin is mounted in special 'precision made' Plastic Bushings, which are pushed into their precision CNC made holes located in the Hanger & Baseplate. Fitting the plastic Bushings allows the components to move around each other (Giving us steering) without wearing out any of the precision made metal parts... These plastic bushings will wear out & ultimately need replacing after use or over time. It is good practice to service your board regular & in particular check these little parts every 3 months or so, or especially after heavy use or use in particular down the beach as the sand & salt are nasty substances & if not removed will cause you issues to your components. If you can see signs of wear, take the Truck apart & replace these parts. Failure to replace a broken Bushing may result in damage caused to the Kingpin holes in your Baseplate or Hanger which will result in loss of performance to you!

DO NOT OVER PRE-TENSION your springs. Doing so is not a good thing & may damage your Spring adjuster threads in the Baseplate! The Springs need some space to operate, restricting the movement will restrict your steering. You should not Pre-Tension your springs anymore than approximately 8-10mm at the max!! If you have already adjusted your springs & still require more resistance, then up-grade & fit TRAMPA DAMPA's to support your springs & increase your steering resistance. 

TRAMPA DAMPA's come in 5 Different SHORE Hardness & there is a correct hardness for every type or weight of rider out there! Once the DAMPA's are fitted you can quickly adjust your board relevant to the conditions or terrain ahead... Over time your riding will improve & you will demand more pre-tension (performance) from your steering. So remember the DAMPA's need some room to work & so that you don't over tighten your SPRINGS squashing the DAMPA's too much because ultimately they will split, instead change your DAMPA's to a slightly Harder Shore Resistance or maybe think about simply refreshing the DAMPA's you have as the Urethane used to make them can perish over time through use in dirty environments. The resulting MINI SPRING TRUCK is like a breath of fresh air in the world of precision Street-Boarding as the setup can easily be tuned to your personal requirements like never before. This custom tuning gives incredible Stability when riding at top speed...

As with all TRAMPA BOARDS products, the Mini Spring Trucks are assembled using only Marine Grade Stainless Steel fixings. All bolts use Blue Locking paste whilst all of the nuts are fitted with the world renowned NYLOCK locking system. Being Marine Grade Stainless Steel means NON of the fixings on this product will ever rust on you! Amen!!

MINI Spring Trucks have a Multi Point Spring Position. This means the Springs can be moved from the inside position, to the outside position transforming the performance of your trucks incredibly. It takes just 2 minutes to move the springs into the inside mounting position, thus making the steering super loose, which is perfect for making incredibly CARVY TURNS, or to move the springs into the outside position & adding the TRAMPA DAMPA's, makes the steering as STIFF as you could ever imagine, setting you up perfectly for high speed wobble free rides.... The Steering can then be further Fine Tuned by using a 4mm Allen Key & turning the Spring Adjuster, pre-compressing the spring relevant to your requirements, allowing the rider to custom tune their steering exact to their requirements prior too riding & also on the fly.

The MINI INFINITY TRUCK has not been CNC'd light weight, It is full fat & therefore full strength! The CNC Machine has only been used to precision drill the Kingpin holes to ensure the connection between the Hanger & Baseplate are exact. So as it's name suggests, the MINI INFINITY TRUCK has been designed to last forever!! The precision milled CNC holes allow the Truck to assemble like a dream - everything fixes together perfectly enabling the MINI INFINITY TRUCKS to provide problem free, precision riding!

TRAMPA's Street Carve Board & Urban Carve Board range are the perfect all round decks aimed at Snowboarders, Surfers, Skaters, Longboarders & of course Mountainboarders wanting to cross over to ride the Tarmac....

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