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Street Carver Board


TRAMPA Street Carve Decks are Deckcellence! :-)


TRAMPA's Street Carver range of Decks are constructed using the finest quality materials we know of. Their performance is quite amazing & totally un-comparable to anything that's ever been created before! The entire Street Carve product range instantly looks & performs radically different to any old skool Longboard & heads will turn as you carve passed open mouthed on-lookers.

Created to simulate the carving sensations that are commonly enjoyed when Surfing, Snowboarding or Wakeboarding the design of the Street Carver Deck is based around the original dimensions of a 35º TRAMPA Mountainboard Deck. The Street Carver Deck uses the same mould for its construction, so the 'Creases' are in the same position but the deck is 'cut short & drilled close to the Crease', making the resulting Street Carver Deck naturally stiffer but using less materials so considerably lighter & generating a completely different performance characteristic to that of its originator...

In order for the Street Carver Deck to perform as its name suggests, the shortened 35º Deck needs to be fitted to the Mini Spring Trucks. Mini Spring Trucks are as their name suggest, smaller versions of the original ATB Spring Truck. The original ATB Hangers have been modified to a smaller size to perform perfectly, relative to the proportions of the shorter Street Carver Deck.

ATB Spring Trucks are time tested & proven as being the best steering system your money can buy. They sacrifice a little bit of extra weight over a regular Skate or Longboard style Truck but gain huge amounts of performance in return. Spring Trucks are far more robust, far more adjustable, far more tunable to your personal requirements, plus in our minds far more safer than regular Skate Trucks. Let me explain...

Skate Trucks use a vertically mounted kingpin to hold the Hanger and Baseplate together. They need a mounting angle of roughly 15º​ to create their steering. 15º​ is quite a flimsy angle, mounting the kingpin in such a way with not a lot of Urethane to support the assembly will not give a huge amount of control over your steering & 15º​ is not much of an angle to steer against... Imagine balancing a ruler on on your pencil at school and then tilting it side to side, everything will be a bit wobbly as there is no resistance to keep it in position. So a vertically mounted kingpin (like that of a Longboard truck) will always have its limitations in performance, in particular at high speed when speed wobble can become a major issue... Speed Wobble is not a pleasure to be endured and most likely to happen to any rider at some stage especially on skate style trucks...

Spring Trucks use a horizontally mounted Kingpin to hold the Baseplate & Hanger together. The kingpin positions completely differently when compared to a Skate Truck. Spring Trucks need to be mounted at 35º to make the steering happen. The movement between the Baseplate & the Hanger is the steering. The Horizontally mounted Kingpin is mounted in High Quality precision made Nylon Bushings that allow the metal parts to move easily without creating any wear on each other. This easy movement is soon controlled by inserting Spring Retainers into either end of the Springs & then pushing the assembly into the connecting positions inside the Hanger & baseplate, now referred to as the Truck.

Loading springs either side of the horizontally mounted kingpin eliminates the slack movement, pre-loading tension into the Truck assembly. The Springs are locked into position using Marine grade Stainless Steel Countersunk Bolts (for flush fitting) inserting into the threaded Spring Retainers through the underside of the Hanger & with the use of the very special part made by TRAMPA the Marine grade Stainless Steel  Spring Adjuster, which Screws through the Top side of the Baseplate pre-compressing the Retainer in the Spring.

The pre-loaded tension between the springs can be Adjusted & tuned to your exact personal preferences or tuned on the fly, plus for even more performance the Springs can be positioned in 2 places... Locating the Springs into the inside position makes the steering feel super loose & easy to steer giving the ultimate sensation in fast carvy steering, however lock the springs into the outside position & fitting the TRAMPA DAMPA's into the springs, will make the steering feel super tight & perfect for setting the board up for sliding or achieving the highest speeds possible...

The entire Mini Spring Truck range is beautifully constructed from the finest materials, using the latest high tech machinery guaranteeing th highest quality possible is available in the complete INFINITY (Solid Steel Axles) VERTIGO (Hollow Steel Axle with CNC) & ULTIMATE (Titanium Axles with CNC) purchase options.

TRAMPA now offers a complete range of 83 & 90mm Longboard Wheel options that have all been made from the absolute best Super High Rebound - Top Quality Premium Urethane. TRAMPA's Longboard wheels use a Center-set bearing position, can be fitted to TRAMPA Slave Gears for Longboards & are colour coded to show the Urethane Hardness performance 

BLUE   =  74a Super-soft Urethane
BLACK = 76a Soft Urethane
WHITE = 78a Regular Urethane
RED    =   81a Hard Urethane

The Street Carver can be pushed like any conventional Longboard but the deck comes into its own league when turning tightly on steep slopes. The Carvy ability of the Street Carve enhances the switch back steering performance of that of a regular Longboard, giving the sensation like that of a surfer or on a huge wave...

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