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TRAMPA STREET CARVE Bearings (9.525 x 22.225 x 7.14mm) Red Black or White Sidewalls ABEC 7 R6 2RS

Trampa Bearings have been specially manufactured to be the best performing bearing available for mountainboarding and kiteboarding. Weighing only 20g each, Trampa Bearings fit the 12mm axles of the Trampa Infinity and Vertigo trucks, as well as those by other manufacturers. Trampa Bearings are compatible with Trampa Superstar and Hypa hubs, and all other ATB hubs on the market. Trampa Bearings have been polished to an internationally recognised ABEC 5 standard, ensuring that you can ride faster, better and for longer than other riders. The alloy bearing shield has been TRAMPA embossed and painted red for pimpness. A quality rubber seal has also been used for durability, ensuring that your bearings perform no matter how harsh the terrain is or how hard you ride your Trampa board! You can also use a Trampa Bearing Conversion Spacer to convert the bearings so that they fit on 10mm axles like the Lightweight Skate Trucks.  

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TRAMPA's STREET CARVER / LONGBOARD bearings are officially known as R6 2RS Bearings. Amongst many other applications these bearings fit to most regular Longboard & oversized Skateboard wheels on the market. R6 tells you the bearings size whilst 2RS means the bearing has 2 Rubber coated Aluminum Seals. Top quality Chrome/Steel Raceways hold the ball bearings in position & the 2 seals (one either side) are pressed into place between the inner & outer raceways. The Rubber seals protect the lubricated ball bearings from the ingress of moisture, dust & dirt, retaining the pre-filled grease within bearing, maintaining maximum performance to the board & rider for as long as possible.

Our precision made TRAMPA bearings are polished to an internationally recognised ABEC 7 quality. (ABEC 3-5 is recognised as the industry standard). ABEC 7 polishing gives you a super smooth / super fast ride which prolongs top end roll speeds.

The rubber coated sidewalls are available in RED, BLUE & WHITE options, all of which are embossed with the TRAMPA & ABEC 7 logo's proving Top Quality!

Bearing Inner Diameter (axle thickness) - 3/8ths of an Inch = 9.525mm
Bearing Outer DIameter (hub Housing) - 7/8ths of an Inch = 22.225mm
Bearing Width (housing Depth) - 9/32nds of an Inch = 7.14mm
Weight: 12g

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RRP £3 - per bearing

RRP Includes 20% VAT

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