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VESC 6 Complete - Vedder Electronic Speed Controller TRAMPA Exclusive

Introducing the long awaited VESC 6 Speed Controller.
The 'VESC 6' is the 6th & very special edition of the 'Vedder Electronic Speed Controller' dynasty of products, that is now being exclusively produced by TRAMPA.

TRAMPA has teamed up with the internationally renowned 'YODA of electronics' (Benjamin Vedder) to bring to you, the worlds most advance 'electronic speed controller' ever to be produced! Benjamin's family name Vedder stands for the V in the name VESC (VEDDERs Electronic Speed Controller) & Benjamin has worked tirelessly on this project for the entirety of his career (which is well over 10 years). Benjamin has been messing around with preceding versions of the globally famous VESC & now after recent developments where fine tuning has created perfection, the VESC 6 has been spawned!

The VESC 6 has been pushed to its highest capabilities during testing & is now the testing has been completed, the VESC 6 is finally being produced & supplied with top quality Silicon cables  & supplied in a Solid CNC T6 Aluminum Heat sink housing, with XT90s connectors to hook into a battery & 4mm Gold Plated Bullet connectors to hook into the motor. The VESC 6 is also supplied with a purpose made Silicon Seal to stop the ingress of dirt & moisture. This amazing bit of kit is finally heading into production & is available to advance purchase now!

The V6 VESC-6 is the most powerful impressive Electric Speed Controller Benjamin has produced & is by far the best world has ever seen!! E Boarding, E-Biking, Remote control (RC), Drones & Robotic Worlds (as well as thousands of industrial applications) are all about to collide as the multi applicational uses of this incredible piece of kit are waiting to be exploited by all electronics enthusiasts out there!

The performance of this VESC 6, compared to preceding models, is light years ahead! Using the VESC 6 in your setup will allow you to add any battery up to 12s allowing you to gain the maximum in performance from your TRAMPA motor.. Using the very special VESC TOOL you will be able to fine tune your performances & calculate your top end speeds/approx distance to travel using different combinations of power & gearing.

On this product page the VESC 6 is supplied to you as a complete unit with silicon cables using the large size XT90s connectors to push into the battery & 3.5mm Bullet connectors to push into the motor, the VESC 6 is ready to plug in & go! It's delivered to you in a very stylish CNC precision cut T6 Aluminum heat sink Housing with a Silicon Seal to stop the ingress of dirt & water.

As a this part has been a long time in development & seeing as it has been so expensive to produce, we have decided to begin to sell the VESC 6 Item in advance.. Selling in advance helps us to raise some of the cash to help the cost of the production & so to help those who help us to produce the first batch of stock we are offering the first 100 customers an introductory RRP purchase price of just £225 (includes VAT Tax - tax charged when appropriate) plus postage to your destination.

We are expecting a huge sales demand for this item & the introductory price will not be continued beyond the 1st of April or until the first 100 units have been sold, which ever comes first & its first come first served... Good luck!

VESC 6 with Silicon cables, XT90s & 3.5mm Gold plated Bullet Connectors
CNC precision cut T6 Aluminium VESC Heat-sink mounting Housing
Precision made Silicon seal prevents the ingress of dirt & water
Weight: 182g
Quantity required:
RRP £300 - inc CNC T6 Heat sink box, Silicon cables & XT90/Bullet connectors & Silcon Seal to waterproof

RRP Includes 20% VAT

Non-EU customers purchase tax-free

Approx price :
Approx. shipping price:

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