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Book a Test Ride

Good news for those ‘Try-Before-you-buy’-ers, you can book a test ride on any TRAMPA Board, riding directly from the TRAMPA HQ! (Based in Nottingham).

We have an amazing fleet of Electric & non-electric boards, all waiting to be test ridden. Just outside our doors we have access to some fabulous & extensive cycle paths, nature trails, alleyways & all kinds of routes, featuring loads of different ride-surfaces & minimal riding near traffic.

For each of the different kinds of boards we supply, we have a route that’ll suit them to a tee. So please come to Nottingham, make some new, similar-minded & crazy friends at the HQ & experience the full range & capabilities of TRAMPA's Electric Boards.

A well-serviced, high-performance, fully charged and sweet-looking TRAMPA BOARD will be waiting ready for your test ride. The performance we pack into these boards is sure to take your breath away - and you’re not going to want to head home without your very own!

The cost of the test ride is £75 per person, the experience lasts for 3 hours & includes a Pro Team rider, or 'Tour-Master TurboTed' himself, to guide you down the best tracks. The good news is the test ride fees are fully refunded (within 1 week of the test) should you decide to make a purchase on your return to the HQ.

We have been making friends & receiving visitors from all over the world who are making the pilgrimage to the TRAMPA HQ to meet & ride with the TRAMPA crew & to see how its all done by hand here in Nottingham.

If riding with crazy power & performance at your feet, across the beautiful English countryside while stopping sporadically at some of Nottingham's Finest Ales houses sounds like a good way to spend three hours - get yourself to Nottingham ASAP!

If you’re coming from a distance away, you’ll be glad to hear that it is possible to get a discount at the HOLIDAY INN Hotel, just around the corner from the TRAMPA HQ - If you get in touch with Ted he can provide you with the special TRAMPA discount code.

We have enough boards to run 10 people in 1 booking & group bookings get a discount if you just want to go for a test ride.

We highly recommend that riders wear sturdy footwear, & bring along any protective equipment they have. We can supply helmets, but nothing else!

If you would like to book a test ride on one of the electric decks please call the TRAMPA HQ to discuss the product you are interested in testing to arrange a date & time to ride it.

If you book a test ride there is NO Pressure on you to make a purchase after the ride, although we know you will want too & if you do then your rental fees are refunded! :-)

please Email or call +44 7734 905 883 to arrange your test ride.




-All Riders must sign a disclaimer before stepping onto board

-Riders must be 16 & Above

-Riders under 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at TRAMPA HQ & whilst riding.

- All due care & responsibility is that of the rider, the tour guide is there only to show you the route and support you/repair the board if  there is a breakdown or accident. It is illegal to ride on the road. A test rider MUST follow the instructions of the tour guide, and is never at any time to over take the tour guide. Anybody not doing as instructed by tour guide will have equipment taken off them and the tour finished there and then.

-Although any equipment tested will be thoroughly serviced & maintained to high standard, due to the nature of the activity accidents can happen, & ultimately parts can fail. If something should fail through product-abuse or miss-use of the product by the rider, they will be held responsible for the cost to replace the parts (this will be charged at a 40% discount from the RRP of said broken parts on the website).

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