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33 Tooth Slave Wheel fits 83mm & 90mm Longboard Wheels #39

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TRAMPA's 33 Tooth Slave Wheel connects into all of TRAMPA's 83mm & 90mm Longboard Wheels perfectly! It connects through the Longboard Wheel using an Aluminum Centering Ring & M4 x 40mm Bolts with M4 M4 Nylock Nuts to lock it into position.

This custom made Slave Wheel can accept any size belt up to 17mm. TRAMPA uses's a German made 15mm wide STRONGBELT which provides a very smooth power delivery to the user, even from a standing start....

Changing your Motor Pulley &/or Slave pulley wheels will drastically change the performance characteristics of your ride... Small Pulleys at the Wheel Slows accelleration but increase's top the speed! :-)

33 Tooth Slave Wheel CNC Precision Milled with 5M (5mm high teeth) capable of HTD.
HTD means High Torque Drive - This Slave Wheel is Strong & Powerful!
With use of a Centering ring & M4 x 40mm Socket capped bolts this Slave wheel connects to TRAMPA 83 & 90mm STICKIES Longboard wheels
Weight: 53g
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RRP £20 - per Pulley Wheel

RRP Includes 20% VAT

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