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Westward Ho! Festival of Kites


Kris Beech Kiteboarder

Trampa Kiteboard Team Rider Kris Beech headed to Devon for the Westward Ho! Festival of Kites. Here's what he had to say on the event;

"The Westward Ho! Festival of kites event took place on the Sunday 19th May 2019. This event was set up by the Westward Ho! Business Association and Kitemare-Surf & Kite shop. The aim was to introduce kites into families lives and get more people out kiting. The sun was shinning and the light breeze did exactly that. 

This new event was brilliant for the kiting community and the public equally. The involvement of children and families heading out on the beach to fly all sorts of kites, ranging from a single line to a power kite. Power kite taster sessions were put on by Sukie & Robin at 514 Elemental kite school.

An arena was set up for demonstrations to show all different aspects of kiting. This was a great way to show the public how much fun you can have with a kite and how many different ways there are to enjoy it.

Personally, for me this was a brilliant way to show the public the enjoyment I get from land boarding. The wind was light but I did manage to show our audience some tricks. The crowd on the beach showed their support and interest through cheering. Pete from Kitemare was on the microphone and kept the event running smoothly through his fun and enthusiastic attitude, which made this event that much more awesome. 

A number of bands and singers also supported this event, they played on the promenade, this also gave the festival a great vibe and kept the crowds entertained. 

This event has got me thinking about how much bigger kiting can become if we can promote it in this way more often. These sort of events bring kiting into the public eye in an easy, fun and relaxed way. The is a great way to encourage the younger generation to step outside and become part of the kite community."

Exero Technologies



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Exero Technologies, a company based out of Trondheim, Norway, is developing the next generation of assistive sports equipment for disabled athletes.

People with spinal cord injuries, amputees, and cerebral palsy are in most need for new solutions within adaptive sports equipment. Exero wants to make a difference by giving everyone the same possibilities to stay active.

Currently they are working on the Spike™. It offers a new way of moving, allowing the user to activate more of the functional parts of the body due to the forward sitting position and the way of steering. By tilting side to side the wheels will turn, enabling maneuverability. This is done through a combination of a slick design and using Trampa’s Vertigo trucks. We are pleased to have partnered up with Trampa.

The team consists of 5 members, Nicoline Bergh, Andre H Johnsen, Bendik Fon, Mathias Berg and Solveig Christensen. Together they have backgrounds in engineering, product development, entrepreneurship, finance and marketing.  


If you are interested in their product or want to learn more visit our website:

Or check us out on Facebook and Instagram:

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Father and son duo Rich and Brad Sykes - The Board



I've been riding boards of some kind, for most my life. Got my first skateboard when I was about 10ish. I was never really into the tricks and stuff, I just wanted to go down hills,and do fast as possible without wobbling off..........READ THE ARTICLE AT THE BOARD

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