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Longboard Wheels


STICKIES Longboard Wheels are available in 83 & 90mm diameter options. A colour coordinating range of different urethane hardnesses match the performance characteristics of the different sizes of wheel. This range of options pretty much covers all the possible grip requirements found in street riding, allowing the rider to perform switch-back carve turns to high speed sliding. STICKIES Longboard Wheels will fit too any Longboard, Streetboard or Skateboard Trucks that use 8 or 9.525mm Axles!

The re-enforced VENTED CORE of the STICKIES Wheel, houses a Center-set bearing position. For those that don't know this means the bearings are housed centrally within the core of the wheel. This center set position delivers equal weight distribution on the straight & in the turns as well as give an even ware rate whilst guaranteeing a balanced "high speed spin-rate", thus making tight turns or sliding as predictable as possible. Not only does the vented core reduce weight in the wheel, but it also increases airflow around the Bearings ensuring lower operating temperatures gaining maximum roll speeds in the straights...

The Black Vented Core also houses a new & hidden application.... The Venting holes in the core can be used in conjunction with a Centering Ring & 6x M4x40mm Socket Capped Bolts to push though the wheel and lock into position a 33 or 37 Tooth Slave Wheel on the other side! The complete assembly can then be connected to many applications using an electric motor, including the new TRAMPA Electric Longboards & Electric Street-Carver boards as well as many other exciting products due onto the market soon!

Smothering the Vented Core of the Longboard wheel is 52mm wide of PREMIUM URETHANE. Urethane is mixed to different hardness's giving different performance characteristics to the different wheels, allowing options in performance according to the conditions for the riders, especially in longboarding where the difference in the right wheel on your board can be huge benefit... Below is a summary to the urethane hardness & wheel sizes we decided on...

BLUE 74a Urethane has only been used in the production of the 90mm wheels as the extra size in diameter demands the need for extra friction to handle the high speed forces that this size of wheel can be put through in high speed turns. If you like your steering loose allowing super fast tight switch back turns then using 90mm 74a Blue wheels is your option. 90mm 74a wheels will be enable you to carve & turn like you have never imagined before, especially when mounted to the new TRAMPA Mini Spring Trucks which also happen to turn & carve like nothing else before :-)

BLACK 76a Urethane is still a very grippy compound & we offer it on both 83 & 90mm wheel options. This compound in both sizes will satisfy the demands of most high speed Street-carvers looking to carve but not as tight but at higher speeds, the smaller wheel will turn tighter for sure but the larger size offers extra comfort over stones, twigs and debris kicking around in the street.

WHITE 78a Urethane is what we would describe as being a regular hardness for the size of wheel. It is available in both 83 & 90mm options and will still supply plenty of grip to carve but being slightly harder in compound it will happily run along at full speed for a long duration without being bothered in the slightest with friction.

RED 81a Urethane is the Hardest in the STICKIES range and most suit for straight line speed & of course sliding :-) The hardness is not really suitable for the 90mm range of wheels so we didn't produce it...

The lower edges of the STICKIES wheels are perfectly rounded, encouraging smooth transitional turns whilst helping to avoid chipping & cracks at the same time. The rounded edge of the STICKIES wheel gives an overall contact surface with the ground of 50mm! Orbiting the outer edge of the STICKIES Wheel is a colour coordinating TRAMPA logo!

Both 83 & 90mm STICKIES Longboard Wheels will accept regular skate size 608 2RS (8 x 22 x 7mm) bearings & made special for the TRAMPA Mini Spring Trucks, the R6 2RS (9.525 x 22,225 x 7.14mm) Bearings. All of TRAMPA's Longboard/Streetboard bearings are ABEC 7-9 rated & are designed for prolonged high speed use. 

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