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Booty Wrap - Protect your Ass!

Protect your ass, coccyx and love handles with the Trampa Booty Wrap! The Trampa team told us that they liked the protection that ass pads provided but didnt like the bulky, cumbersome designs that you have to wear all day. They told us that sometimes you just want to put some ass pads on to try that new trick. They didnt want to wear them all day whilst cruising around which is what they had to do as it was too much hassle taking off trousers, shoes and other pads just for a couple of jumps... We put our thinking caps on and came up with the Trampa Booty Wrap which has loads of advantages compared to more traditional ass pads. Firstly, it's easier to put on and take off, you dont have to take your trousers, shoes or pads off to put the Trampa Booty Wrap on. You don't even need to unstrap from your board!  Secondly, due to the design of the Trampa Booty Wrap they are more comfortable and less restrictive than other kinds of ass pads. Less material at the front means that you get less sweaty down stairs and you can still go for a pee whilst wearing them! Finally more padding at the back means theres more protection for your ass whilst the Trampa Booty Wrap still fits dicreetly under your jeans, trousers or riding pants.

  Medium size will fit 28 - 34 inch Waist Large size will fit 34 - 40 inch Waist    

Protect your ass and love handles with this specially shaped Booty wrap
Intelligent design allows the foam to fit comfortably around the body
Simple to put on and take off for occasional use
No need to remove your Denim's to get them on or off!
Currently available in 2 sizes Small / Medium and Large / X Large
Really comfortable to wear and discreet under your Trousers or over the top!
They dont stop you from going for a pee whilst wearing them....
Padded all the way round to your coccyx and up past your love handles - look after yourself!
Perfect protection for both mountain and kite boarding
Weight: 300g

Quantity required:
RRP £50 - each

RRP Includes 20% VAT

Non-EU customers purchase tax-free

Approx price :
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